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Safe Night LLC releases the Proactive Alliance relationship-based policing approach

Proactive Alliance relationship-based policing approach provides officer training to create genuine individual relationships with the community to improve trust, safety, and collaboration

Proactive Alliance combines concepts of evidence-based counseling psychology with policing to create organizational change

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Fairfax, VA July 29, 2020 - Safe Night LLC is pleased to announce the release of the Proactive Alliance relationship-based policing approach. This innovative training program draws on principles of counseling psychology to teach police officers specific, immediately applicable techniques to establish long-term working relationships with community stakeholders to improve trust and collaboration.

An officer’s individuality and humanity, along with effective communication skills, can elicit change not only in the community, but also in the officers themselves. Proactive Alliance draws on evidence-based principles and practices from counseling psychology to provide an additional set of tools in officers’ “duty belts,” enabling them to initiate active listening, establish long term relationships, and problem-solve with community members rather than preside over them.

“Improving trust and safety between the police and the communities they serve is our primary focus. Our approach teaches officers to shift their perceptions of the community from adversarial to collaborative,” said Founding Partner Molly Mastoras, LPC. The training involves two key stages: (1) strengthening officers’ awareness of themselves as agents of change, and (2) teaching them to use this new mindset as a tool to build relationships and establish collaborations. These skills can assist officers in improving their daily interactions with the community. The goals of the training are:

  • Use fewer police resources with more effective outcomes
  • Create safer neighborhoods by developing and maintaining individual relationships
  • Increase collaboration with other municipal agencies to improve efficiency
  • Increase officers’ understanding and practice of productive empathy
  • Improve accountability and initiate change in police culture
  • Shift from Warrior to Proactive Guardian

Proactive Alliance provides purposeful training to improve policing that addresses current calls for reform and change in police culture and provides a specific “how to” to officers tasked with the general directive to engage in “community policing.” Proactive Alliance has been featured by the Arizona State University Center for Problem-Oriented Policing, IACP Police Chief Magazine, and the American Society of Evidence-Based Policing. Safe Night LLC is now available to teach Proactive Alliance policing to law enforcement agencies and academies in the United States.

About Safe Night LLC:
Safe Night LLC, established in January, 2018, is a consulting firm that combines the expertise of a licensed professional counselor and a career law enforcement officer to provide solutions to increase safety and economic viability for communities. ”Safe Night LLC trains law enforcement agencies, including local and state enforcement agencies, including police, fire marshals, code enforcement, and public health inspectors. We have years of experience in law enforcement, public policy, and social services. For more information about Safe Night LLC and the Proactive Alliance relationship-based policing approach, visit

Safe Night LLC Contact Information:

Molly Mastoras, MA, LPC
Founding Partner
(703) 581-2583

Dimitrios Mastoras
Founding Partner
(703) 674-9318

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