Savvy Survival Tips for the Holiday Season

Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert Ceci Carmichael Shares Her Top Holiday Hacks

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Savvy Tips for the Holiday Season

Savvy Tips for the Holiday Season

Between the family functions, searching for that perfect gift ​and navigating new holiday challenges, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the holiday season. Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert Ceci Carmichael has tips to ensure your holiday season goes smoothly from entertaining to gifting and everything in between.

STOCK UP ON ENTERTAINING ESSENTIALS: Having a few different styles of wine, ready to pair with any meal, eliminates a last-minute beverage run. H3 Wines offer remarkable character at an affordable price and are crafted in the Horse Heaven Hills appellation of Washington State. More than 90% of the fruit comes from small family farms, so you can feel good about sharing them with your family. Their bold Cabernet opens with flavors of black cherries and blackberries with a touch of currants and vanilla, complemented by earth and mineral notes. Pair this wine with a hearty beef pot roast or pasta Bolognese. These wines also make great gifts this holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a special bottle for dinner or to gift to a friend, these are wines that everyone will enjoy.

STAY SAFE: Remember to adhere to COVID safety protocols when you’re preparing for the holidays. It’s always important to wear your mask if you need to step out to purchase items for your special holiday, but you can even add these items to your gift list! Give the gift of comfort and relief this holiday season with the new VELCRO® Brand Face Mask Extender Straps. The extender strap reduces ear discomfort and is made from high quality material used for softness, durability, and comfort. They are 12” long providing versatility for uses with all types of masks & hair styles, and the best part—you can reuse them by hand washing them after wear. Available in a variety of colors, these extender straps are the perfect holiday hack and can be found at Amazon along with your local retailers including Walmart, Lowes and Big Lots.

STAY HEALTHY THROUGH THE HOLIDAY RUSH: Always keep a healthy snack on hand or incorporate protein shakes into your daily routine so you’re sure to get your daily nutrients. V-Shake is the world’s finest protein shake because it delivers a maximum, ideal serving of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to your body. That’s important because BCAAs are considered to be essential, basic building blocks to every function in the human body. Through its advanced delivery technology, which uses protective liposomes for superior absorption and use throughout the body to deliver valuable nutrients, the shake offers 25g of protein in every serving & comes in both a rich cocoa flavored vegan option and a creamy vanilla flavored whey option.

PREPARE YOUR PANTRY: Throughout the holiday season, we’re often busy preparing for big festive meals that we sometimes forget to plan healthy snacks or easy-to-prepare lunches. Wraps and healthy pre-made items are a great go-to for those in-between meals. The new egglife® wraps from Egglife Foods are made with egg whites and just a few simple ingredients. They’re the ideal low-carb, high protein alternative to traditional tortillas and an easy, better-for-you swap to keep you on track over the holidays! The Perfect Wrap™ for simple, delicious, nutritious meals and snacks this holiday season offering up 100% of the taste with zero compromise. Eggs provide an excellent source of immunity-boosting selenium which is important as we gear up for colder weather months and they make for a delicious healthy, and quick snack.

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