Lifestyle Expert Amanda Mushro on Getting 2021 Off to a Great Start from the Inside Out!

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New Year, New You: Everything You Need To Know To Jump Start A Brand-New Year

New Year, New You: Everything You Need To Know To Jump Start A Brand-New Year

It’s time to kick off the new year by making those 2021 resolutions and sticking to them! Starting off the New Year right can mean creating health and wellness resolutions, committing to beautifying your space or even connecting to your community in new and meaningful ways.

Lifestyle Expert Amanda Mushro shares her tips for staying motivated throughout the year and life hacks for an energetic, more refreshed and brand-New Year.

BEAUTY INSIDE AND OUT: Set a wellness routine that makes you feel great inside and out. Incorporating items that boost your mental and physical wellness are an essential part of self-care for the New Year!  V-Shake by Vasayo is the world’s finest protein shake because it delivers a maximum, ideal serving of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) to your body. That’s important because BCAAs are considered to be essential, basic building blocks to every function in the human body.  Through its advanced delivery technology, which uses protective liposomes to deliver valuable nutrients, the shake offers 25g of protein in every serving & comes in both a rich cocoa flavored vegan option and a creamy vanilla flavored whey option.

THERE’S AN APP (AND A BUDDY) FOR THAT: From counting steps, staying on budget, and healthy recipes-- whatever your resolution is, there is an app that can make it easier to achieve your goal.  Instead of making resolutions by yourself make New Year’s resolutions with a partner, friend or family member. This way you can check in with each other, keep one another motivated, and celebrate successes together.

MAKE SWAPS: Rather than changing everything in your life to meet resolutions--start with small swaps. Making small swaps in your life is a great way to set yourself up for larger goals and success. Looking to eat better in the new year?  Start with small swaps that will make a big difference in the kitchen--keep more fruit and veggies on hand or grab a reusable water bottle to encourage you to drink more water. Want to workout more? Start by setting a daily steps goal or take the whole family out for a walk after dinner.

CREATE MINI-RESOLUTIONS AND BE FLEXIBLE: Instead of one big resolution, try making mini resolutions and set a date for each goal. This could be weekly or monthly. This way you can celebrate the small wins and if you need to get back on track it will be easier and less daunting. If you miss one of your goals or you get sidetracked, be kind to yourself and be flexible. This way you can reset your goals and get back on track!

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