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LAGUNA HILLS, CA - February 23, 2020 – The International-award-winning Firm, Architecture Design Collaborative, looks well beyond 2021 as Mall Developers, Landlords and Retailers seek innovative and creative solutions in a post-pandemic world. Pre-pandemic challenges have accelerated as the obstacles to filling vacant space and lure customers increases.

The next few years are going to impact the built environment in ways not seen before. The recovery from pandemic, social and economic impacts have created fresh opportunities for design professionals to define what this world will look like, how it will function, and how it can adapt to future changes. ADC is actively working to reimagine the physical space, and not only how people shop, but how they live overall. Mixed use repositioning, which was well underway prior to the pandemic, is now expanding to include lifestyle amenities and blend into the fabric of the communities these properties reside in.

Such great change in such a short amount of time as we see now, has created an environment ripe for REVOLUTION, rather than mere revision. There is a reversal required; an “un-building” of the existing retail world is required before progress can continue. ADC’s clients are open to look beyond previous solutions, to redevelop traditional retail properties to meet this revolution.

The number of people downsizing to smaller residences will continue to increase drastically as more of the population will be working from home, at least part time and more people retire. This will drive an increased demand for mixed use redevelopment. This is a win-win for developers as underutilized retail space and overflow parking can be repositioned to accommodate condos and apartments, juxtaposed with restaurants, entertainment venues and other amenities the residents can walk to. This in turn creates a vibrant development for residents to live-work-play while creating immediate traffic for retailers and restaurants.

ADC defines itself as a Firm committed to seek out solutions which embrace this new world head-on. Our Firm has built itself on the idea that collaboration is the key to discovery, and that success comes from considering multiple perspectives. Thinking outside of the box, ADC is working with mall owners and developers to add more value and multiple-use solutions to under-utilized property assets. In a burgeoning culture that craves authenticity and experiences, the following are just a few examples of trends ADC is working with owners to implement in current and future projects:

  • Static to Kinetic & Passive to Active
    • Static, product-based retail will be replaced by kinetic, solution-based demonstrations and customer consultation
  • Retail Incubators, Makers Markets and Make-Tailing
    • The economic downturn is likely to foster a new wave of retail entrepreneurs, replacing redundant lost brands with unique niche offerings.
  • Underutilized Asset Redeployment & Mixed-Use Redevelopment
    • Vacant anchor stores are being converted to fitness centers, co-working spaces, grocery stores, clinics, entertainment and other amenities.
    • Overflow parking areas are being sold off to build apartment buildings and condominiums.
  • Ghost Kitchens and Food Halls
    • These culinary creations pair well with the new experiential retail venues scattered throughout the site.
  • Farm to Store/Farm to Table
    • In a footprint of a small defunct retailer, local onsite kitchens could be supplied with fresh veggies year-round.
  • BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store) & BOPAC (buy online, pick up at curb)


Craig Chinn, President, AIA, NCARB
[email protected]

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