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Nutritionist Provides Tips on How to Look and Feel Great this Season

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With spring upon us, what better time than now to get back on a healthy track! With so many of us hibernating this winter, the change of season is a great time to get our bodies moving, pick up some healthy eating habits and find ways to de-stress.

Health and Nutrition Expert Katherine Brooking is here to show off the latest trends and tools to looking and feeling great this season. Whether it’s taking some ‘me time’ or whipping up a delicious healthy snack, Katherine has great tips on how to spring into a healthier you.

DE-STRESS WITH A GETAWAY WEEKEND: As the weather becomes warmer and spring is just around the corner, many are looking for a change of scenery to boost their well-being. A recent survey from Booking.com shows that half (50%) of US travelers are looking for a relaxing trip this year, while the use of relaxation endorsements on the site have increased a third (33%) since the start of the pandemic. Relaxing doesn't have to be a fancy spa or resort, in fact, the survey reveals that almost three in four of US travelers (73%) will look to appreciate more simple experiences such as spending time outdoors or with the family while on vacation. And as almost half (45%) of Americans plan to stay closer to home by taking a domestic trip within the next six months, the easy-to-use platforms allow you to arrange a car rental from over 13,000 pick-up locations across with the U.S.

SUPPORT YOUR HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM EVEN WHILE ON-THE-GO: In addition to eating and living a healthy lifestyle, our bodies’ immune responses also need support from high-performing vitamins and phytochemicals. That’s where V-Mune by Vasayo comes in. This product contains the meticulously researched formula you need to nourish your immune system! Through its advanced delivery technology, which uses protective liposomes to deliver more nutrients for your dollar than traditional supplements do, just 2 capsules a day provide total body immune support.

SQUEEZE IN MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES: Only 1 in 10 American adults eat enough fruits and vegetables, according to the CDC. Opt for Avo is a health and lifestyle campaign brought to you by Mission Produce, which encourages happy and healthy moments by promoting avocado as a healthy substitute for foods high in saturated fats. By opting for avocado, you are opting for 20 vitamins and minerals which are essential to a daily diet and associated with heart health, weight management, a balanced diet, and increased satiety. As part of an overall healthy lifestyle, avocados can be substituted 1:1 for butter, margarine, cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, and more – so opt for Avo anytime.

GET MOVING: Regular exercise (3-5 times per week) is vital to staying fit and healthy. With springtime's warmer weather, get outdoors and enjoy! Brisk walking, jogging or biking will keep extra calories from becoming extra pounds. Not only will more exercise help you burn calories, it also serves as a stress reliever and boosts endorphins (the ‘feel good’ chemicals) in the brain.

For more tips on looking and feeling great this spring, please visit betterstuffforlife.com.

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