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Entrepreneur, Model and Philanthropist Emily Alexandra Guglielmo Doubles Down on Charitable Endeavors

ORLANDO, FL – May 24, 2021 – Emily Alexandra Guglielmo an internationally recognized top model, professional mermaid and independent cosmetics Chief Executive Officer is diving deeper into her philanthropic and charitable endeavors. The young celebrity recently announced her intention to spearhead a charitable mission to Kenya, Africa under her “Supporting Water” banner. The non-profit organization, founded by Guglielmo has already had a major impact in providing access to clean drinking water in some of the most vulnerable geographic territories across the world.

Her accolades as a published Playboy® model, Maxim® centerfold and advocate for the right to access clean, safe drinking water have propelled Emily Alexandra ́s public standing in the recent months, but the sincerity and selfless commitment that she infuses unto every single charitable project that she undertakes has become her main calling card.

With World Ocean Day just around the corner – June 8th – the CEO of Emily Alexandra Cosmetics (a water-proof, ocean friendly and cruelty free premium cosmetics brand launched and scaled by Emily herself) is quick to celebrate how far her efforts have come.

“By being kind and empathetic, you are able to effect positive change in the world. And ultimately, that should be our main goal always. At least that ́s what I think.” –Emily affirms.

And while her business initiatives and her philanthropic efforts are both experiencing tremendous momentum, Emily Alexandra always finds time to continue her career as a professional mermaid, which in turn serves as a mutually-reinforcing bond that always brings her back to the love and passion she feels for the ocean, and every form of life that inhabits this vast and invaluable ecosystem.

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