Swisstech CES 2022 - We are swisstech
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Swisstech CES 2022 - We are swisstech

Swisstech CES 2022 - We are swisstech

Zurich, December 20, 2021
For the fourth year in a row, Swiss innovation will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. Switzerland Global Enterprise and Presence Switzerland will showcase 15 exciting Swiss start-ups on visitor-friendly interactive swisstech pavilion demonstrating why Switzerland has once again topped the Global Index for Innovation.

The breadth and depth of innovation is astonishing reflecting the country’s vibrant start-up scene. On the Swiss Pavilion there will be many world-firsts. Visitors can meet interactive avatars, type without tears, finally organize their e-wallets, marvel at how the visually impaired can move more freely, unblock snaffled chains, smart test their hydration levels while sipping perfectly brewed tea.

"We are proud of the strong Swiss presence at CES 2022. They are living proof of our belief that the eco-system in Switzerland encourages and nourishes innovation – which in turn provides an increasingly attractive business location for both start-ups and world-leading technology companies," says Patrik Wermelinger, Head of Investment Promotion at Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE).

Along with their partners Presence Switzerland, Innosuisse, swissnex and digitalswitzerland, S-GE and their representative Swiss Business Hub USA bring the leading-edge innovation that Switzerland is consistently recognized for to CES.

Smooth talking avatars, seamless sports broadcasting, intelligent keyboards, life-changing e-mobility tech - all to be savored with a cup of AI-bru-ed tea on the swisstech pavilion at CES 2022. Learn more about the newest Swiss innovations here

The companies attending are:

  • ABUSIZZ – overhead lights for interactive table experiences
  • animatico – interactive customer service avatars
  • AUTHENA – end-to-end blockchain solutions
  • biospectal – optical measurement of vital signs
  • biped.ai – autonomous walking for visually impaired
  • BRU – AI-driven compact tea maker
  • droople – water intelligence platform
  • Foodetective – integrated restaurant software
  • GlobalM – professional live streaming technologies
  • MYELIXA – smart hydration monitors for seniors
  • Pixchange – gift sticker & AR media marketplace,
  • ROOBSTER – electric skateboard
  • smartsuna – solar off-grid and hybrid control system
  • SO REAL – 3D digital twins of real world objects
  • Typewise – hexagon keyboard with AI text prediction

The swisstech companies will be available for interviews throughout the week.

SGE media Contacts for CES

Andrew Chatterton
E: [email protected]
T: + 44 (0)7855 524 981

Richard Hayhurst
E: [email protected]
T: +44 (0)7711 821 527

About Switzerland Global Enterprise
Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) is the official Swiss organization for export and investment promotion at locations throughout Switzerland and the world. We operate our international offices, the Swiss Business Hubs and Trade Points in 31 countries jointly with the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). S-GE supports Swiss SMEs in their international business and helps innovative foreign companies to settle in Switzerland.