POSCO Group will participate in CES 2022, the world's largest IT and electronics convergence exhibition.

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POSCO Group will introduce "POSCO Venture Platform" to discover and invest in the group's future growth business at CES 2022, which will be held in Las Vegas for 3 days from January 5, and set up an exhibition hall collaborating with promising venture companies which have been discovered and growing through POSCO Venture Platform.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the world's largest digital high-tech fair, and about 2,100 companies from 159 countries will participate online and offline in CES 2022. As it will be open as an offline exhibition for the first time in two years due to the influence of COVID-19, the world is paying attention to enjoy future new technologies and trends in one place.

POSCO Group will jointly set up exhibition halls with POSTECH and *RIST to introduce venture platform using POSCO's industry, academia, and research infrastructure, and hold briefing sessions for 13 venture companies, including six POSCO promoting Venture Companies, two POSCO International promoting Venture Companies, and five POSTECH Venture Companies.

*RIST (Research Institute of Industrial Science and Technology, Pohang Institute of Industrial Science and Technology)

In particular, Graphene Square, which moved its headquarters to Pohang in October 2021 and is building a Graphene mass production system called ‘New Material of Dreams’, with POSCO, POSTECH, RIST, and Pohang City, will also participate in the exhibition to introduce Graphene mass production technology. RIST is planning to introduce mobile platform technologies that can prevent fire risks in advance, such as artificial intelligence-based fire monitoring autonomous driving robots.

POSCO is building a sustainable venture ecosystem by creating a venture valley based on its own industry-academic-research cooperation system and conducting $1 billion venture investments through venture funds. Especially, POSCO is actively supporting venture companies' commercialization from start-up incubating to product development and market development, and opening a “Change-Up Ground” in Pohang in July 2021, following Seoul branch established in 2020, to build a solid foundation for venture companies to utilize Korea's top science and technology infrastructure.

Last month, POSCO set up a place to shed light on the efforts and achievements of the *IMP for 10 years and proclaimed a "Good To Great" vision that includes POSCO's will to revitalize the startup ecosystem for the next 10 years.

* IMP : Idea Market Place (POSCO Group’s venture accelerating program)

Meanwhile, POSCO's venture companies "Pet Now" and "AI FOR PET" have drawn attention as they were selected as "Best Innovation Award" and "Innovation Award" for each by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) organized by CES.

*Pet Now: Developing a platform to identify pets based on artificial intelligence.

**AI FOR PET : Developing a platform to diagnose the health of pets based on artificial intelligence.