Tweexy Hinge Nail Polish Bottle Holder in Action

Tweexy Hinge Nail Polish Bottle Holder in Action

Tweexy Hinge - The First Dual-purpose, Untippable Nail Polish and Crafting Tool that Grips and Releases Like Magic

Tweexy Hinge™ Nail Polish Bottle Holder and Tweexy Hinge™ Scrap Collector (in Standard and Large Sizes) use Smartgrip® engineered patented technology. Tweexy Hinge is untippable, unlike other tabletop polishers and scrap collectors that rely on ordinary suction--which according to thousands of customer reviews, fails when they least expect it.

Station 22, LLC, the makers of Tweexy® products is committed to inventing products that help nail polishers and crafting enthusiasts work faster, easier and with less mess.

After the global success of Tweexy, the original patented wearable nail polish bottle holder and crafting scrap collector that went viral everywhere, these two new innovative, multi-purpose products for nail polishers and crafters were introduced to solve the problem of unreliable suction.

TWEEXY HINGE – Gravity-defying nail polish holder and crafting tool. Untippable Smartgrip airlock technology. It’s like MAGIC! #onAmazon #Amazon #Nailtechs #nails #CricutMade #GameOn #DIY  

Unlike with suction, Smartgrip does not need to be pressed down to work, nor does it need to be peeled off to lift. Simply set the Tweexy Hinge down, and the Smartgrip instantly grips. When knocked into from the side, Smartgrip holds firm to a smooth flat surface. And when you need to pick it up, it lifts naturally and without resistance. The magic of Smartgrip is that it works in the background, gripping and releasing exactly when you need it to. There are no buttons to push or levers to pull; it just works.

Like the original wearable Tweexy silicone ring (, Tweexy Hinge allows the polisher to use all their favorite nail polish brands, regardless of their various shapes, sizes, and capacities. Co-Inventors Elizabeth Boyle and Mark Miclette designed the Tweexy Hinge so it would work vertically in an upright position or at a 45-degree angle. The person polishing can also adjust the bottle angle securely within the Hinge receptacle. Circular, square, quarter moon, oval, rectangular, triangle, and other jewel shapes all hold well in the Tweexy Hinge.

For crafting activities like weeding vinyl for Cricut® users, the Hinge is foolproof. Tweexy Hinge stays perfectly attached to the table at any angle while the crafter scrapes vinyl pieces off their tools into the Hinge receptacle. The scraps self-adhere into easily removable ‘balls’ for easy clean-up and disposal. Tweexy Hinge works effectively for sewing projects as well.

When projects are complete, you just lift straight up on Tweexy Hinge or leave it in place on your work surface. Seeing this advancement in suction technology for the first time seems almost impossible to comprehend.

Jayme Smaldone of Mighty Ventures, the inventor of Smartgrip (, noted: “Smartgrip's unique function can improve products ranging from consumer goods to innovations in the medical space. Tweexy's use of Smartgrip will be a game-changer in the nail polishing and crafting world, where users want instant stability to either reduce nail polish spills or aid the removal of crafting materials. We are excited to be working with the Tweexy team to bring these innovations to market.

Each Tweexy Hinge is available in six colors. They are currently available exclusively on Amazon. Wholesale opportunities for major retailers will be considered.

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