If the past few years have taught us anything, they have emphasized the importance of making meaningful connections, despite physical distance. As we approach the giving season, people are looking for ways to connect for good causes, whether it’s spreading acts of kindness, supporting nonprofits and small businesses, or strengthening bonds with chosen family. And that is what Meta is all about - empowering people to make connections that make it all possible.

Roya Winner, Communications Manager for Social Impact at Meta discussed the seemingly small but mighty ways people can use their products to make a positive impact in the real world and turn ordinary connections into extraordinary ones. This includes a new initiative with Upworthy and actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan that invites Meta communities in the United States to share their stories of connection that led to something extraordinary, whether it with an individual, group of people, cause, or business. In addition, Roya talked about ways people can participate in giving back to the communities they care about throughout the holiday season. Lastly, she shared insights on the ways people connect on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, along with trends on some of the biggest fundraisers that people supported on their platform this past year.

  • Meta’s $7M match for fundraisers: When you sign up to donate monthly to a nonprofit on Facebook, they’ll match your donation. Nonprofits in the US are eligible, and they’re matching until December 31.
  • Generosity is on the rise: People have now raised more than $7B for nonprofits using fundraisers on Facebook and Instagram. This milestone was surpassed just nine months after people had raised $6B.
  • On Facebook, the causes with the most dollars raised this year are related to Ukraine relief, Ramadan and animal protection.
  • On Instagram, the causes with the most dollars raised this year are related to Ukraine relief, gun safety and relief for the floods in Pakistan.
  • Social connections create ripple effects of generosity. Over 80% of donations made this year came from people starting fundraisers for nonprofits, then sharing those fundraisers directly with their friends and family.

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Roya Winner is a Communications Manager for Social Impact at Meta, overseeing communications for the giving team and charitable initiatives. She focuses on highlighting the incredible impact that people make using Meta technologies for both their local and global communities. Before Meta, Roya worked on Google’s social impact and philanthropic efforts with, and held various product and corporate communications roles, including serving as a lead Google Trends analyst, highlighting trending topics across Google on radio and media across the country. Roya spent five years in Washington, DC where she worked for the University of California Washington Center and Voice of America's Persian News Network. Roya is passionate about the nexus of technology and philanthropy, and as a mom, is committed to supporting causes that support children and families.

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