Unprecedented Ad Campaign’s New Spots Turning Heads of
Those Skeptical of Christianity

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (April 13, 2022) — Beginning its fifth week of national mass media advertising, the He Gets Us campaign heads into the Easter holiday with a new round of creative television spots that ask viewers to consider and explore their curiosity about how Jesus’ life and experiences may be inspiration for and relevant to their own.

The He Gets Us campaign is believed to be the largest of its kind, with more than $100 million dedicated to TV, radio, and digital advertising this year and is designed to highlight the parallels between Jesus’ struggles and those people face currently. Since it launched nationwide on March 14, the effort has reached more than 100 million YouTube viewers and driven nearly two million visitors to its website,, where so far, tens of thousands have texted questions, joined chats, or otherwise engaged to learn more.

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Jesus felt heartbreak, too.

In the new commercial “Canceled,” the story follows an influencer whose fans rejected him when he stood up for his beliefs. It continues with the copy:

The establishment called him an extremist.
Said he shouldn’t be allowed to share his views. They would stop at nothing to shut him up.
So, they did what they had to do.
They nailed him to a cross.
Jesus was canceled.

A second TV spot launching this week, “Heartbroken,” depicts an empathetic man who, amid worldwide disease and suffering, was forced to isolate himself (sound familiar?). The toll on him was great, and the anguish, the copy concludes, became his “cross to bear.”

“The best way to share the story of Jesus is one that will help someone engage,” says Ed Stetzer, professor and dean of Wheaton College, executive director of Wheaton College’s Billy Graham Center, and an advisor to the He Gets Us campaign. “We want people to want to talk about Jesus, knowing that most don’t, and one way is to help them find common ground.”

While the campaign does not take positions on societal or political issues and is not designed to recruit anyone to a particular denomination nor convert individuals, pre-campaign and ongoing consumer research reveal that the presentation of a relatable Jesus, one who experienced similar challenges in his time, may be the key to connecting with the huge swath of Americans who don’t feel Christianity is for them.

Several additional new creative executions will be put in rotation in the coming weeks, along with experiential activations at MLB and MLS games.

About He Gets Us

He Gets Us is a campaign designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and his relevance in our lives. The campaign is governed by Servant Foundation, a 501(c)3 with a 100/100 Charity Navigator rating.

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