Gold Bond Introduces “My Scar My Story” Campaign with Riverdale Actress Vanessa Morgan Encouraging Embracing the Stories Told on Skin

Celebrate the Stories Told on Your Skin with Gold Bond

As culture pushes back on outdated beauty standards and filtered perfection, it’s making space for a movement that puts authentic skin on display. Every day our skin is put to the test, and over time it becomes an intricate canvas that tells our life’s stories – stories that are worth sharing.  

That’s why, as part of Gold Bond’s mission to champion healthy, real skin, the brand has partnered with Riverdale actress Vanessa Morgan to launch “My Scar My Story,” a campaign that empowers people everywhere to embrace their scars and celebrate the stories told on their skin.

Vanessa Morgan Celebrates Real Skin with Gold Bond
Vanessa helped Gold Bond launch the “My Scar My Story” campaign by sharing her most important skin story – the C-section scar from the birth of her son, River – via IG Live (@VanessaMorgan) while receiving a meaningful tattoo to commemorate her scar, created by tattoo artist, Noah Lee (@_n.a.l.).

“I gave birth to my son, River, in 2021 via C-section, and the resulting scar tells the story of this pivotal moment in my life,” said Morgan of the significance behind her new tattoo. “To honor my most important scar story, I’m thrilled to partner with Gold Bond to commemorate the happiest day of my life with a tattoo, next to my scar."

Gold Bond and Vanessa are also empowering others to embrace their real skin and become part of the “My Scar My Story” movement by sharing their scar stories on their social media channels with #MyScarStory, tagging @goldbond.

Vanessa’s Real Skin Health Tips
In addition to telling the touching story of her recent C-section and giving fans a front row seat to the creation of her new tattoo, Vanessa also shared tips on how she keeps her skin looking and feeling healthy day-to-day.

She did that to empower her fans to feel confident in their real skin, sharing, “I want my skin to look and feel healthy so I feel confident and can focus on what really matters: living my authentic life and inspiring others to do the same.”

Morgan continued, “through this partnership with Gold Bond, I want to encourage people to honor the stories their skin tells – and help them find their own routine for skin that looks and feels healthy, allowing them to feel confident in their skin so they can focus on what really matters: living their authentic lives.”

So that everyone can keep their skin healthy while celebrating their scar with a permanent tattoo, Vanessa’s tattoo artist, Noah Lee, shared his recommendations for post-tattoo care*, including the application of healing ointments and moisturizers:

  • Consult your tattoo professional for details on post-tattoo care.
  • Gold Bond® Advanced Healing Ointment can be used after bandage removal to protect skin & keep the tattooed skin moist.
  • After the tattooed skin has healed:

“I am an avid user of Gold Bond, particularly Gold Bond® Advanced Healing Skin Protectant Ointment to quickly soothe and relieve my skin when it’s dry or cracked – as well as the Gold Bond® Healing Hydrating Lotion for immediate hydration, which is a part of my regimen for noticeably healthier looking skin,” said Morgan.

Advanced Healing Tube

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About Gold Bond’s “My Scar My Story” Campaign
Vanessa’s story is just one of many skin stories worth hearing. Become a part of the My Scar My Story movement by sharing your scar story with #MyScarStory and tag @goldbond to empower others to embrace their real skin and join the conversation. 

About Gold Bond
As you stretch, your skin stretches with you — it bends, bruises, chafes, and cracks. So, Gold Bond® delivers high performance skincare for real life and real skin – skin in motion, skin in action, skin ready to live. Skin is your champion. One that should never settle for silver.

From the beginning, Gold Bond® products have been about caring, improving, and nourishing skin - starting with Gold Bond® Medicated Powder which was introduced in 1908. Since then, Gold Bond® has grown into a market-leading skincare brand. Our family of products includes body lotions and creams, our famous body powders, foot lotions and creams, and first aid remedies. We are innovative leaders with products for aging skin, cracked skin, everyday hydration, and specialty skincare needs like eczema prone skin.

Our products are focused on helping people live dynamic, diverse, and active lives. And every year we launch more innovative products, so more people can get more enjoyment out of living in their own skin. So, champion your skin with Gold Bond®.

* Though Gold Bond products are clinically tested for efficacy and safety, they haven’t been specifically tested on tattooed skin.


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