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Vollrath Company’s New SerVue Touchless Refrigerated Slide-In Revolutionizes the Salad Bar Serving Line Experience and Setup

From added food safety to portion control, this unit adds efficiency for operators and impresses guests with innovative practical features

Sheboygan, Wis.June 6, 2023 – The Vollrath Company, a leader in the foodservice equipment industry, introduced the next generation of serving line fabricator components. The SerVue™ touchless refrigerated slide-in uses sensors to automatically dispense the desired amount of food from self-contained canisters replacing the open-air design of a traditional salad bar.

"SerVue features an elevated refrigeration area that provides a beautiful visual showcase of ingredients,” says Brian Hedlund, senior vice president of Foodservice for Vollrath. “It gives customers a completely new, exciting and safe way to serve themselves at a salad bar and makes checking and refilling ingredients a breeze for the operator.”

Smart sensors at the bottom of each canister detect the presence of a bowl or plate and dispense ingredients accordingly. The functionality can be dialed in to provide the precise amount of each ingredient, allowing more oversight of controlled portions and food costs.

The future of food bars is here with the Vollrath SerVue. From added food safety to portion control, this unit adds efficiency for operators and impresses guests with innovative practical features.

Fitting in a smaller footprint than a 4-well drop-in, the SerVue features double glass doors that house eight transparent ingredient canisters. The refrigerated unit maintains temperature better than a typical drop-in or serving line and guarantees optimal product freshness. Ingredients are self-contained and protected from germs and other contaminants, so there is no need for serving utensils or breath guards. The well-lit interior showcases the ingredients in an appealing way.

At A Glance SerVue Benefits



  • Dialed in dispense control saves food portions and costs
  • Precise temperature control guarantees optimal product freshness
  • Eliminated cross-contamination of ingredients
  • At a glance ingredient monitoring
  • Easy refills and cleaning
  • Minimal footprint impact
  • No navigating around a breath guard or extended reaching to get to ingredients in the back of the unit
  • Touchless operation eliminates having to handle serving utensils
  • Enhanced visibility to food options
  • Cleaner food protected from germs and other contaminants
  • No cross-contamination of ingredients
  • Entertaining self-serve experience

SerVue expands Vollrath’s fabricator component offering, which can be sold separately or built into a new custom serving system.

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