How Digital Tools Can Make the Process Easier for Car Buyers

After a tumultuous year in 2022 with supply shortages impacting car prices, the auto industry is showing signs of stability, and car prices are declining. As the market eases and consumers consider how to start their own car buying experience, there are certain tips, tricks and tools to consider that will help in navigating an uncertain car market. It’s important that buyers hit the road knowing not only have they found the perfect vehicle for their family, but they saved time through an easy process with a dealer they trust.

Broadcaster Nik Miles of “Our Auto Expert” discusses the best practices and key factors to consider when navigating today’s car buying market, and what car buyers can do to find the vehicle that's right for them. He shares tips to help car buyers find their next vehicle and financing options before heading to the dealership, and offers resources for an easy and convenient shopping experience.


  • Car buyers agree that dealer adoption of digital tools makes the car buying experience more transparent, according to new research from Capital One in the 2023 Car Buying Outlook.
  • Capital One developed Auto Navigator to offer car buyers the ability to customize details like down payment, trade-in, and term length to calculate a payment that works best for them. So, when a car buyer shows up to the dealership, the dealer can see the deal that the customer has shared in Auto Navigator, and can meet the car buyer where they are in the process with the same information.
  • When car buyers pre-qualify for financing, with a tool like Capital One Auto Navigator, they can see their real rate and monthly payment, without impacting their credit score.
  • Thanks to the technology in Capital One Navigator Platform, a digital tool that builds on Capital One's existing products Auto Navigator, dealers can provide a more transparent and accurate financing experience to car buyers when and where they shop, whether it is in-person or online.

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Interview provided by: Capital One