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Riviana Foods Expands Flavor Profile with New Minute® Rice Cups and Instant Rice Options

Flavor Selection Grows to Include new Butter & Sea Salt Cups, Spanish Rice Cups, Instant Basmati Rice and newly formatted Cilantro & Lime Jasmine Rice Bi-Pack

HOUSTONRiviana Foods Inc., America's leading rice company, has introduced new flavors to its Minute® Rice Cups and Instant Rice product lines. The latest Minute Rice Cups flavors include Butter & Sea Salt Jasmine Rice, Spanish Rice, and the newly formatted Cilantro & Lime Jasmine Rice, which now comes in an 8.8 oz. bi-pack instead of the original 7 oz. single cup. The new product line-up also includes Minute Instant Basmati Rice, a light, fluffy and fragrant rice ready in just five minutes.

These new products enrich the variety of flavors available in the Minute Rice lineup. The Minute Butter & Sea Salt Cups feature a delectable and smooth blend of Jasmine Rice with a hint of butter and salt. The Minute Spanish Rice Cups boast a savory taste with an infusion of tomato, garlic, onion, and other savory spices. The already popular Minute Cilantro & Lime Jasmine Rice Cups offer fully cooked Jasmine Rice that is infused with natural and zesty flavors such as lime juice, cilantro, and sea salt. Minute Instant Basmati Rice is simply cooked and dried without any additives, offering a light, fluffy, and aromatic Basmati Rice option that's quick and convenient to prepare.

“Riviana Foods is responding to the needs of modern consumers by offering fast, convenient, and flavorful meal options,” said Erica Larson, Director of Marketing at Riviana Foods. “These new Minute Rice Cups and Instant Rice offerings are designed for people who are looking for quick and easy ways to prepare meals without sacrificing taste.”

The Minute Rice Cups come in a two pack of single-serving BPA-free cups, making them convenient for people on the go, and can be microwaved in just one minute. Additionally, the Minute Instant Basmati Rice is now available, offering consumers a faster meal preparation option that can be cooked in five minutes using either a microwave or stovetop. The newly launched products are free of gluten, preservatives, MSG, and cholesterol.

The Minute Cilantro & Lime Jasmine Rice Cups are widely available across the nation, while the other launched products are in select regions including the Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest regions of the United States. To locate the nearest store that carries these new varieties, please visit https://minuterice.com/where-to-buy/.

For more information about the brand, visit www.minuterice.com.

About Riviana Foods Inc. and Minute® Products
Riviana Foods Inc. (“Riviana”) is the largest processor, marketer and distributor of branded and private label rice products in the United States. The Riviana family of well-known brands includes Minute®, Success®, Mahatma®, Carolina®, RiceSelect® and Tilda®. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Riviana is a subsidiary of Ebro Foods, S.A., a company known as the global leader in rice.

The Minute product line includes an assortment of Instant Rice and Quinoa, ready in five minutes and 10 minutes depending on the grain type, as well as an assortment of Minute Rice Cups, packaged in convenient, single-serve BPA free cups and ready in one minute.

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