The GLS North American Vision

For the past seven years, GLS has been making an impact across the transportation industry in North America by offering Parcel, Freight and Logistics services. GLS continues to expand its network and enhance its service offering with the goal of connecting people across North America and around the world.

Although the name GLS may be new in North America, our roots in both the United States and Canada are deep having combined five well-established and long-standing companies to create GLS in North America. GLS Group is one of the largest parcel services providers in Europe, with a strong local presence across the continent.

Since entering the market in 2016, through the acquisition of Golden State Overnight in the United States and Dicom Transportation Group in Canada, GLS has devoted more than 1 billion dollars in North America. This initiative includes three additional acquisitions, upgrading and adding facilities, enhancing material handling equipment, as well as expanding services nationally. This is all being done with one goal in mind: boosting capacity and connecting the two countries to become a continental carrier.

What’s next for GLS in North America?

The company is excited to begin offering cross-border Parcel and LTL services to its customers on both sides of the border. This summer, GLS will also begin international parcel service between Canada and Europe, with the United States to Europe following in early 2024.

There is no plan to slow down in North America, our story is just beginning.

About GLS
GLS Group is one of the largest self-reliant parcel services providers in Europe, with a strong local presence in almost all countries across the continent. It also operates through wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada and on the USA’s West Coast within one GLS network. This allows GLS to seamlessly connect its customers and communities with millions of parcels and stories every day. GLS is proactive regarding network management, connecting its markets flexibly and agilely to respond to their fast-changing and dynamic nature. The company takes pride in providing its customers across about 40 countries with high-quality service that best suits their needs. The GLS network consists of over 120 hubs and more than 1,600 depots, supported by approximately 35,000 final-mile delivery vehicles and 4,700 long-distance trucks. This offers network resilience, superior flexibility, and extended reach. In 2022/23, GLS generated record revenues of 5.4 billion euros and delivered 862 million parcels across the markets. For more information, visit: https://gls-group.com

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