Institut auf dem Rosenberg Unveils Design for Self-Sustaining Floating Habitat

Student-concepted vessel explores the ocean as new habitable space amidst climate change and rising sea levels

HÖHENWEG, Switzerland, May 15, 2023 – Pioneering Swiss boarding school Institut auf dem Rosenberg (Rosenberg) today unveiled its groundbreaking design for ‘Blue Nomad,’ a self-sufficient solar floating habitat. Blue Nomad was conceived by students in collaboration with SAGA Space Architects to explore the 70% of the Earth that is covered by water as a potential space for human living as concerns around the impact of the climate crisis heighten.

Rosenberg’s individualized approach to learning is fueled by planet-centered and need-lead innovation and the idea for Blue Nomad was born when Rosenberg students met with Sir Norman Foster’s team at his foundation in Madrid. Recognizing the urgent need to redefine the way we live, students wanted to make their contribution to help reduce dependency on fossil fuels and to address the challenge of rising sea levels.

“With the climate crisis on everyone’s agenda, it’s imperative we find alternative ways to adapt to our planet’s changing environment,” said Bernhard Gademann, President of Rosenberg. “By partnering with forward-thinking enterprises and industry experts such as SAGA, we enable our students to solve real-life problems, with the goal of creating a better future for all.”

Blue Nomad was concepted to provide shelter for the modern nomad – people who will primarily travel and live on the water. Students aged six to 18 drew inspiration from the first Polynesian nomadic settlements that explored the world via the Outrigger, a boat made of organic materials balanced by a side pontoon. Students then leveraged AI to bring their visions to life.

Introducing #BlueNomad, a self-sufficient solar floating habitat co-created by @instrosenberg students and @sagaarchitects that explores the ocean as new habitable space. #ModernNomad #ClimateChange

Rosenberg’s modern adaptation – built to welcome two permanent nomads and two guests – will rely purely on solar energy for propulsion, fresh water, food production and electricity and will be made of a structurally optimized weave of flax fiber, showing innovation in organic and regenerative material harvesting. Understanding human need for community, multiple units can connect and share resources to great off-grid neighborhoods on water.

Rosenberg will debut a model of Blue Nomad during a series of exhibitions throughout this summer and fall, beginning with the London Design Biennale in June and the Monte Carlo Energy Boat Challenge in July.

"Blue Nomad is climate sci-fi coming into reality, grounded in the vast ocean exploration heritage of Polynesian outriggers,” says Sebastian Aristotelis, Co-Founder, SAGA Space Architects. “It is fitting that it is co-designed with the problem solvers of tomorrow, the students of Rosenberg. It gives me joy to work with this new generation of thinkers and leaders who are motivated to solve the challenges posed by climate change."

Blue Nomad is Rosenberg’s latest innovative concept that solves for the future, following closely behind the Rosenberg Space Habitat, which debuted in 2022 as the world's tallest 3D-printed polymer structure designed to house humans in space.

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About Institut auf dem Rosenberg
Established in 1889, Institut auf dem Rosenberg is a Swiss boarding school providing a state-of-the-art, holistic learning environment for responsible leaders of the 21st century. They are passionate about the development of meaningful learning experiences for children and young adults, typically aged 6 to 18 years. Their outstanding team of teachers and professionals are more than just educators – they are true Artisans of Education. Rosenberg is renowned for its individual approach to education, enabling outstanding academic performance while featuring an unmatched array of Talent & Enrichment courses, all designed to broaden young minds and nurture their creativity. Rather than solely preparing students for exams by adhering to rigid curriculums, Rosenberg has created its own educational paradigm through the unique Rosenberg International Curriculum (RIC®), which fosters expertise while also preparing students for a wide range of external qualifications.

About SAGA Space Architects
SAGA Space Architects is pioneering the space architecture industry. The multi-planetary architectural and technology design agency is building life-sustaining architecture for Earth and space. SAGA's approach to outer space is human-centric and draws inspiration from nature with a focus on wellbeing to create visionary and sensitive buildings.