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Navigating Change Starts by Monetizing the Value of Listing Data

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Real estate is undergoing transformational change – big time! More than ever, change is everywhere. Heightened market uncertainty, increasing mortgage rates, agent recruitment and retention, MLS data sharing and technology advancements are just some of the top challenges and it’s unsettling. It’s a new and different time in real estate.

What are you doing to Dominate, Differentiate and Diversify to ensure your future success? It all starts with MLS listing data!

Turn Listing Data to Dollars!
Don’t Just Share Your DATA. Get PAID for It!

We’ve modernized MLS so YOU reap real and tangible benefits.

Personal Human Connections, Meaningful Financial Rewards
The real estate industry was built on relationships. Simply put, people doing business with people. With the massive infusion of heavily-funded technologies to modernize the real estate industry and the push towards end-to-end self-service portals, this basic premise is being compromised. Brokers and agents are now coping with so many more pressures and the fate of their future.

At REsides, we’re changing that.

Driven by the power of human connections and the monetary value of listing data, we’re a MLS with a groundbreaking model that puts the power back into the hands of brokers and agents.

REsides is a borderless MLS, giving you the freedom to facilitate listings anywhere, anytime. You gain access to a broader market; however, we leave the power of your local marketplace in your hands, where it counts.

You also benefit from in-depth market insights, increased collaboration, new partnerships and an innovative technology platform that is smart and easy to use – all while having the opportunity to earn compensation for your listing data.

For the first time in real estate, you can possibly get paid for your listing data. Your data is already shared across so many big tech portals. Why give it away again – and loose even more control - between multiple MLSs?

The Power of Ownership
Our first-of-its kind MLS model provides the power of ownership.

Never before have you had the opportunity to belong to something bigger in real estate. With our unique MLS equity model, you have the ability to take full control of your future. The model enables you to harness the power of listing data and put yourself in a position to potentially open a new channel of revenue.


Greater access to capital enables the unlocking of value for future growth investments. We’re stronger, together.


Gain economically meaningful ownership in the company that grows as it grows, creating a win-win for everyone involved.


MLS data fuels the industry – it’s at the center of everything.


Ownership is yours and cannot be taken away.

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REsides CEO, Colette Stevenson

REsides CEO, Colette Stevenson

New Webinar Series!

Don’t Leave Anything Behind: Unlock The Value of Listing Data

With the soft economic market conditions, widespread industry change and predictions that Associations will begin to decouple from MLSs, it’s challenging for brokers and agents to know where to focus to ensure success. Competitive leverage is diminishing.

In this upcoming webinar series, Colette Stevenson, the Voice of MLS, shares her insights on the important proactive steps agents and brokers should be taking today to protect their future and unlock the value of listing data. The conversation is dynamic, forward-looking and provides compelling insights for agents and brokers who are looking for new ways to compete and succeed in today’s dynamic and evolving marketplace.


About Colette Stevenson

Colette Stevenson is the Voice of MLS. She is a real estate industry entrepreneur, change advocate, speaker & thought leader. Her "MLS without Boundaries" vision centers on her belief that innovation & modernization will be the focus for the industry as we move forward, in the midst of widespread and far-reaching industry change. The REsides model is a first-of-its-kind in real estate MLS. It has ignited new ways of thinking that put the control back in the hands of brokers.

“I have always looked at business from a different perspective with the goal of making something better- more rewarding – for the industry, the consumer, and the clients we serve. I see an opportunity for MLSs to become the unquestionably best stewards of data; the catalyst for increasing data value, and strategic developers of the most significant tools in our marketplace.”

- Colette Stevenson