Revolutionizing Outdoor Cooking: Current Backyard Unveils Innovative Smart Electric Grill & Griddle

New Innovation Modernizes Grilling for the Ultimate Outdoor Experience

ATLANTA (February 14, 2024)– Current Backyard, a new brand backed by W. C. Bradley Co., announced today the launch of its Current Model G Dual-Zone Electric Grill and Current Model G Electric Griddle. The new grill and griddle bridges the gap for consumers looking for an elevated outdoor electric grilling experience that combines smart home connectivity with superior cooking results, regardless of culinary skill level.

Already recognized as a game-changing appliance at CES 2024, the grill and griddle delivers performance with ease, precision control, and energy efficiency in comparison to traditional gas grills. And because these appliances plug into a standard 110V outlet, there’s no more heavy propane tanks or messy charcoal standing between you and the taste of delicious grilled food.

“As grilling season approaches, we’re excited to bring consumers a new electric option,” says Tom Penner, Current Backyard CEO. “The innovation in our grill and griddle seamlessly integrates the rising demand for smart home connected devices in backyard spaces, while providing consumers with unparalleled results and the ease of effortless entertaining.”

The full-size 110V electric grill reaches up to a searing temperature of 700 degrees, surpassing the leading gas grill brand by 150 degrees. Controlled via the Current Backyard app, it provides temperature monitoring and control, chef-curated recipes and instructions, and other functions like SmartClean mode and more. Ready to cook in as little as 10 minutes, the grill’s patented cooking system ensures even temperatures, fewer flare-ups, and dual-zone flexibility for independent cooking zones. It can even sear at high temperatures in cold environments or with the lid open—a breakthrough for electric grills.

The 110V griddle heats up to 600 degrees and surpasses other electric griddles in size, heat, and speed. Also linked to the app, it shares the same connected cooking experience as the grill, and features an Auto-Seasoning setting and a patented cooking system for precise, even temperatures across the entire cooking surface.

Both the grill and griddle feature meat probes and flavor trays for adding water, wood chips, or pellets to create steam, smoke, or added flavor. Beyond their tech features, these appliances are environmentally mindful, boasting zero emissions at the point of use. The grill is six times more energy efficient than traditional gas grills, while the griddle is four times more energy efficient than traditional gas griddles.

Retail prices start at $899 for the grill and $799 for the griddle. Consumers can customize their unit online at Current Backyard with three colorways and various upgrade features, including full cabinets, storage lockers and more.

For more information, please visit Current Backyard. The full press kit is available here.

About Current Backyard:

Established in 2023 and backed by W. C. Bradley Co., Current Backyard is seamlessly integrating technology, uncompromising design, and industry-leading performance into state-of-the-art products and experiences to elevate outdoor living. Current Backyard believes the backyard should be an oasis of flavor and fun with family and friends — and that with smarter technology connecting those elements, our customers’ outside space can become their home’s favorite place. Current Backyard is redefining the landscape for those in search of an electric grilling experience with unparalleled results. Welcome to the unexpectedly electric lifestyle of Current Backyard, where new-wave tech enables next-level precision, control, confidence and enjoyment.

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