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American Egg Board Presents 47th Annual First Lady’s Commemorative Egg to Dr. Jill Biden

America’s Egg Farmers and the Incredible Egg showcased at White House “EGGucation” Roll

2024 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg

2024 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg

Washington, D.C. (April 1, 2024) – Continuing a nearly five-decade tradition, the American Egg Board (AEB), on behalf of America’s egg farmers, presented the 2024 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg to Dr. Jill Biden at the White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll today.

The 2024 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg, handcrafted by master egg artist Carolyn Bickel from Nashville, Tennessee, honors Dr. Biden’s passion for education and inspiring future leaders of all ages. This year’s one-of-a-kind design celebrates the power of education, imagination, and dreams for the future.

Made from actual chicken eggs, the 2024 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg features two large eggs surrounded by several “pullet” eggs from young hens. The painted design depicts a spring afternoon underneath the cherry blossoms, where a young girl dreams of all she can be when she grows up—such as an egg farmer, a teacher or president of the United States. An opening at the top of the egg reveals the interior of the egg painted with a vibrant blue sky above the world, symbolizing all that is achievable with a little imagination and the possibilities that come with the pursuit of knowledge. The pullet eggs depict the elements of a high-quality education that will aid this young girl in reaching her full potential.

“It is an honor and a joy to continue the nearly five-decade tradition of celebrating our nation’s first ladies and causes close to their hearts by gifting the 2024 First Lady’s Commemorative Egg to Dr. Jill Biden on behalf of America’s egg farmers,” said Emily Metz, president and CEO of the American Egg Board. “Eggs are at the center of our cherished Easter and Passover traditions and memories, and we’re honored to celebrate an invaluable part of the season’s festivities at the White House and in homes across the nation.”

America’s Egg Farmers Donate Over 64,000 Eggs for White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll

A historic tradition, the White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll is hosted by the President and First Lady of the United States every Easter season on the South Lawn. Braswell Family Farms of Nashville, North Carolina, and Sauder’s Eggs of Lititz, Pennsylvania, on behalf of America’s egg farmers, are fulfilling the annual donation of more than 64,000 real eggs used for the event’s activities including egg hunting, egg decorating and the iconic egg roll, as well as for all the food served to attendees and volunteers at the event.

Many of the eggs used on the lawn for the event’s activities will travel 493 miles from North Carolina to Washington, D.C. for the national Easter celebration. Over the course of eight days, Braswell Family Farms boiled and dyed over 6,000 eggs per day using 11 to 15 gallons of dye and 11 gallons of vinegar to achieve the White House’s selected tones of orange, green, purple, pink and Biden blue.

Bringing together more than 40,000 attendees, the White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll will feature activities for families to enjoy including the beloved egg roll, egg hunt, egg decorating and an interactive Hen-to-Home exhibit where guests can learn more about the egg’s journey from the farm to the table. Attendees will also enjoy egg-based foods, including mini quiches, egg salad crustless sandwiches and Easter egg cookies. Egg farmers Molly Weaver from Weaver Eggs in Versailles, Ohio, and Jana Zweering from Zoet Poultry in Holland, Michigan, will also have the honor of reading to children in the First Lady’s Reading Nook.

“America’s egg farmers are immensely proud to help bring this very special tradition on the South Lawn of the White House to life every year with real eggs. As a legacy partner of the White House Easter ‘EGGucation’ Roll, we are honored that eggs play a starring role in Washington, D.C.’s longest-running springtime traditions—the largest public event at the White House—and in homes across America,” said Metz. “I’m so grateful for the hard work and contributions of our egg farmers, who support our national Easter celebration each year with their hard work, time and generous donations.”

White House East Colonnade Transformed into Special Exhibit
In the spirit of Dr. Biden’s commitment to supporting military families, the White House East Colonnade has been transformed into a “White House Colonnade of Eggs,” featuring eggs designed by children from National Guard families highlighting their unique experiences and stories. Eggs from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, based on the children’s designs, were created by 15 talented egg artists using a variety of techniques and are on display through Friday, April 5.

America’s Egg Farmers Committed to Fighting Hunger
Egg farmers are committed to fighting hunger and donate tens of millions of eggs every year to help feed those in need, ensuring high-quality, nutritious protein is accessible. Eggs are among the most requested foods at food pantries, and in 2023, egg farmers across the country donated more than 50 million eggs to their local food banks and communities. In concert with the White House Easter “EGGucation” Roll this year, America’s egg farmers through Puglisi Egg Farms of Howell Township, New Jersey, and HATCH for Hunger will donate 64,000 eggs and two large, refrigerated coolers for perishables to the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington D.C.

“Every spring, eggs are an irreplaceable staple of the Easter and Passover holidays. No single ingredient can match the nutrition, functionality or versatility of eggs. With Americans projected to eat and decorate over 3 billion eggs this spring season, America’s egg farmers remain committed to providing eggs to Americans across the country and ensuring that no one goes without,” said Metz.

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