BitNinja Announced a Remodeled Blazing Fast Malware Scanner

Debrecen, 11th November 2022

BitNinja is Linux server security software that was already considered outstanding with its cutting-edge malware scanner. However, thanks to the new development, users can now scan their servers up to 90% faster than before. This means they can catch even more malicious software in a timely manner, including the latest threats.

How does the new functionality work?

The remodeled scanner works by first running a quick scan of the customer’s server.

It scans for obvious signs of malware and takes significantly less time than a deep scan. Then the scanner automatically moves on to the deep scan. In case, there is any malicious software, the scanner will quarantine the infected file(s) and notify the owner of the server so that they can take appropriate action.

This two-phase approach ensures that the server is thoroughly scanned for malware without taking up too much time and energy.

Enabling/Disabling the Automatic Deep Scan

Users, of course, are allowed to enable or disable the automatic deep scan in the config file.

To do this, simply edit the config file and use the enable_deep_scan variant. However, this will soon only be a click on the unified dashboard. By default, the deep scan will automatically start after the quick scan has finished. If the customer wishes to disable it, then only the quick scan will run, and the deep scan needs to be started manually afterward if necessary.

Some things were added, something was removed…

There were also some UI changes on the dashboard, making the benefits more visible and the malware hunt more enjoyable. For example, the old scanner chart has been removed, and on the renewed one, it is now easy to see how incredibly fast the scan goes through the files searching for malware.


Gif of Malware Scanner Dashboard

Malware scan dashboard

What is the purpose of this development?

BitNinja’s primary purpose is to make the internet a safer place. Therefore they created a so-called Defense Network that uses a crowd-sourcing method enabling all BitNinja-protected servers to share attack information with each other, resulting in a more intelligent and stronger protection shield. This also allows them to inform other - non-BitNinja users- server owners worldwide with an incident report about possible malicious traffic on their servers free of charge. This leads to their other goal, which is education. Everyone can watch tutorial videos on their YouTube channel and take Udemy courses so that they will be aware of online threats.

Having these ambitions drives BitNinja in the direction of constant maintenance, even when the product looks final and works flawlessly. There is always room for development when it comes to server security.


Now that BitNinja has a remodeled, super-fast malware scanner, the scanning time has been reduced by up to 90%. The new two-phase approach—Quick Scan followed by Deep Scan—is designed to give server owners and hosting providers peace of mind knowing that their server is thoroughly protected from malware without taking up too much of their time.

Notes to Editors:

About BitNinja:

BitNinja provides 3E Linux server protection for large hosting providers and small businesses equally. The three E stands for: effective, effortless, and enjoyable.

Effective because of our unique Defense Network that uses the power of the

Ninja Community. Every BitNinja-protected server worldwide shares attack information with each other, resulting in a more intelligent and stronger protection shield by every single assault.

Effortless because it is fast and easy to install, so your server protection is up and running in no time. It requires no maintenance, just keep running in the background and protecting your and your customer’s servers while you can concentrate on other aspects of your business with peace of mind.

Enjoyable because you can take joy in the benefits of BitNinja, like the increased server capacity caused by the significant drop in the server load. Furthermore, you can easily manage all the modules and features on the unified dashboard and check how the software catches malicious traffic in real time.