Millions of people unite around doing good on the 18th International Good Deeds Day held yesterday worldwide

Good Deeds Day continues to expand the circles of good across the world, as the peak event of year-round activities that benefit people and the planet

Tel Aviv, Israel – April 15, 2024 - Thousands of projects were held worldwide, involving millions of people. Businesswoman and philanthropist Shari Arison, who initiated Good Deeds Day 18 years ago, said, “On International Good Deeds Day, so many good people and good organizations stepped out to do a good deed worldwide, creating a critical mass of people who are united in good. I have always believed that if we think good, speak good, do good, and safeguard our togetherness, our world will be a better place.”

On April 14, 115 countries across the globe participated in International Good Deeds Day 2024, including Belize, Croatia, U.S.A., Mozambique, Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, Togo, Poland, Italy, UK, Uruguay, Haiti, Saint Lucia, Tanzania, and more. Enthusiasm around this international day of good increases every year, with millions of people joining in to volunteer and do something positive for others on Good Deeds Day, which has become an internationally unifying day of good. 

The theme of this year's Good Deeds Day was United in Good, with the goal of strengthening and illuminating the good in the world while emphasizing unity and togetherness.

Here are five events that took place on Good Deeds Day 2024 across the globe:

USA: GoodPop led the expansion of Good Deeds Day in the U.S. for the second year in a row with a Good Deeds Fest in its hometown of Austin, Texas, mobilizing 20+ hero companies like Chobani,, HEB, 4Ocean, and La Colombe Coffee Roasters who hosted activities and created the momentum of doing good in their local communities. Nearly all 50 states participated in total, and thousands of people took part.

Israel: In the country where Good Deeds Day first started 18 years ago, more than two million people took part in this annual celebration that crosses all cultures, religions, and ages.

Guatemala: For three days in a row, special events were held, such as a media tour, motivational talk, and volunteering activities, culminating in a Join the Good Festival with thousands of participants. NGOs exhibited their work and various entertainment shows took place on the main stage, with thousands of people attending.

Italy:  Rome continued its tradition this ninth year in a row, and in collaboration with Acea Run Rome Marathon 2024, thousands of people gathered at Circo Massimo for the fun run. At the finish line, a hundred nonprofits held a fair with activities for kids, workshops, music, and so much more. In addition, 25,000 schools in three regions across Italy took part in Good Deeds Day activities!

Malawi: All 28 regions of the country took part in volunteering activities, such as visiting the elderly, spending the day helping out, and so much more, with thousands of volunteers joining in to do good.

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