Houston, Texas, (October 4, 2022) – Riviana Foods Inc., (“Riviana”) America's leading rice company, announced today the launch of its newest ready-to-heat microwaveable rice, Mahatma® Ready to Heat Chipotle Jasmine Rice— ready in just 90 seconds. The new Chipotle Jasmine flavor offers busy consumers the same convenience and quality ingredients as Riviana’s other ready to heat varieties but introduces a spicy option using the smoky and subtle sweetness of the popular chipotle pepper for meals at home and on the go.

"This new exciting flavor offers exactly what is needed to get the kick you’re craving," said Ana Del Campo, Senior Brand Manager at Riviana. "Busy consumers can expect the same convenient and high-quality ingredients they rely on so they can spend less time prepping and more time enjoying their meal and the moments that matter."

The Mahatma® brand first introduced its Ready to Heat rice product line in 2019 and has continuously increased consumer’s effortless mealtime possibilities, now adding the new Chipotle Jasmine variety, available at all major retail chains online or in-stores. Consumers can continue to rely on the brand they know and trust to provide the convenience of a ready to heat format to mix in additional sauces for a boost of flavor or toss their favorite veggies and proteins in for heartiness.

As the chipotle pepper is commonly used in Latin American cooking, it is an ideal variety to serve in enchiladas, on top of nachos, alongside a heaping spoonful or beans or plantains, or paired with carne asada at the next taco night. Make it a breeze to enjoy your childhood wholesome meals with Mahatma® Rice. Find more recipes by visiting MahatmaRice.com/recipe-tag/ready-to-serve.

For more product information, read more at mahatmarice.com.

About Mahatma® Rice:

At Riviana, we know good rice. From aroma and texture to delicious flavor, our Mahatma rice has it all. We have been trusted by American families for over 100 years providing consistent quality and flavor in every bag of Mahatma rice which has made it America’s Favorite Rice.

Mahatma products are available in a wide variety of white, whole grain, brown, and flavored rice that range in cook times from 90 seconds to 30 minutes and are easy to prepare. Mahatma products inspire you to blend ingredients, cultures, and traditions to create diverse dishes with boundless flavor that make Mahatma rice a recipe for success.

About Riviana Foods Inc.:

Riviana Foods Inc. is North America’s largest processor, marketer and distributor of branded and private label rice products through its family of well-known brands including Minute®, Mahatma®, Success®, Carolina®, Comet®, Adolphus®, Blue Ribbon®, RiceSelect®, Gourmet House® and Tilda®.  Riviana also processes, markets and distributes fresh pasta through the brand Olivieri®

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Riviana is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ebro Foods, S.A., a leading Spanish food company and the world leader in the rice sector.

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