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Workable Satellite Maps: Coastal image depicting specific location in The Survivors
Workable Satellite Maps: Coastal image depicting specific location in The Survivors
Mythology: Explanation of the Myertovjec legend in The Survivors
Mythology: Explanation of the Myertovjec legend in The Survivors
Fashion: Diane von Furstenberg coat worn by a character in The Survivors
Fashion: Diane von Furstenberg coat worn by a character in The Survivors


The Survivors Series Authored By Amanda Havard Used As Pilot Novel

Over 500 Frames of Relevant Additional Content Reinvents Storytelling

Chafie Creative Group to Bring Immersedition to 2011 Publishing App Expo on December 8 in New York City

DALLAS, TX (December 7, 2011) /PRNewswire/ — Dallas-based Chafie Creative Group, LLC, announced today its revolutionary app for Fiction, Immersedition*. Extraordinarily more than a regular or even enhanced eBook, the pilot Immersedition, The Survivors Series, authored by innovative transmedia storyteller Amanda Havard, has been crafted specifically to embrace the possibilities of interactivity inside a novel. In its print form, Havard’s book encapsulated specific detail to place and person, anchoring its surreal premise in a very real world, making the interactive transmedia nature of the Immersedition concept the perfect platform for her story. In its print form, The Survivors is a 283-page book, but in its app version, there are over 300 touch-points that call up over 500 frames of relevant additional content embedded in the pages of the book.

To view the exclusive trailer, click HERE and to view the tutorial click HERE.

Inside these 500+ pieces of information is a plethora of media that enhances the readers’ experience, immersing them further into the story world while preserving the sacred elements of the book. The Immersedition includes historical facts and commentary, information about mythology, as well as relevant historical documents dating back to the 17th century. There is music inlaid like a soundtrack including three original songs written just for The Survivors, as well as music videos that depict character interactions. Readers can explore more than 50 real-world locations in the books through location photos, as well as fully workable Google satellite maps to provide interactive aerial views. Runway photos of clothes and designer looks, as well as vehicle tech specs, photos and video provide a sense of characters’ style so that the reader may get an idea of the look of a character without the app taking away a reader’s sacred privilege of imagining the character in his or her own mind.

Five of the main characters have even been active on Twitter for the past two years, giving them an even fuller backstory and intrigue in real time, and so in the app, readers are able to follow and interact with the characters in the real world. With all of this interaction, there are only two features that require Internet access: full access to characters’ Twitter and other social media accounts and the use of satellite maps. The rest is fully embedded in the story and works without any kind of Internet connection.

To further introduce this new technology to the public, Chafie Creative Group will host a panel entitled “The Merits of Interaction: Transmedia Apps & the Reinvention of Storytelling” at 3:00pm on December 8, 2011 at the New Yorker Hotel in New York City as part of this year’s Publishing App Expo. The discussion will cover how embracing an interactive, app-based future can only be done if there are ways to generate high quality, interactive content, like they have done with the premiere Immersedition.

”Chafie Creative was formed because we know the era for a new breed of storytelling is upon us. With technology growing more robust each day, storytellers and their facilitators must find ways to create content that takes advantage of potential interactivity in rich and meaningful ways,” says Chafie Creative Group CEO, L.C. Havard, who selected Demibooks out of Chicago to build their pilot Immersedition. “Publishing or app development alone cannot provide the necessary content to create a truly immersive reader experience. Transmedia companies like Chafie Creative that span the creative landscape are the pathway to creating stories and apps that users can, and will want to, interact with on various levels.”

Chafie Creative Group, LLC, has created a full media studio that encompasses book publisher Chafie Press, music recording label FPR Records, and music publisher Point of Origin Music Publishing, as well as a staff of videographers, designers, and a number of other roles that it’s taken to see the Immersedition come to fruition. “The infrastructure must be in place to build these types of apps,” says Havard. “Publishers haven’t taken as many steps as I would have imagined they would by now to fully embrace the interactive book. And those few who have tried haven’t found a way to reimagine the book in a way that totally preserves all that is sacred about it. That’s where Chafie has come in. Knowing that none of the big six publishers have the technology or the transmedia resources to create interactive books like the Immersedition really opens the door for Chafie to partner with publishers and authors to see this new vision of storytelling come to life.”

About Chafie Creative Group, LLC
Chafie Creative Group, LLC is invested in storytelling for the changing world. A media studio encapsulating music recording label FPR Records, music publishing company Point of Origin Music Publishing, video, and more, Chafie Creative is a company suited to take novels into the world of interactivity. Formed to create transmedia content, connect readers to characters and writers in a whole new way via social media, and embrace all that new interactive technologies can offer the world of fiction, Chafie is offering readers an immersive story experience that’s never even existed—until now. Chafie Creative is reinventing storytelling. For more information on Chafie Creative, visit

About The Survivors Series
Amanda’s astounding debut novel, THE SURVIVORS is out available as hardback and paperback and is the first in a series of five riveting installments inspired by the juxtaposition between fantasy and reality. Havard recently struck a deal with Wattpad, the world’s leading social digital entertainment platform for readers to explore original fiction, where THE SURVIVORS has accumulated nearly one million reads in a matter of months.

About Demibooks
Founded in 2010, Demibooks is headquartered in Chicago with a development center in Sydney, Australia. More information about the company and its products can be found at

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