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PR Newswire’s Meet the Media event

How do you make your content stand out from the crowd? A panel discussion about getting your message across in today’s ever evolving media climate

MADRID, 28th March 2012 /PRNewswire/ – A host of public relations and communications professionals gathered at the Casino de Madrid for PR Newswires inaugural Meet the Media event in Spain organised in collaboration with the Association of Communications Directors (Dircom). The illustrious and respected panel of speakers featured Asís Martín de Cabiedes, President of Europa Press, Carmen Valera, President of Burson-Marsteller España, Isabel Saracho, founder of Saracho & Team, and Xabier Fortes, journalist and host of ‘La Noche en 24 horas’ on TVE.

A lively debate ensued with some strong opinions being aired; Martin de Cabiedes described Twitter as a global news network, Fortes stressed the importance of being selective and verifying information through a reliable source whilst Saracho cautioned that companies must ensure they are targeted and transparent in their communications.

The goal of Meet the Media is to enable communications professionals to hear from leading media organisations on how their respective companies work, providing insight into their specialist areas, giving advice on achieving coverage and informing them on effective targeting of journalists within their sector and how to build a mutually beneficial relationship.

The next Meet the Media will be held in London in early May, details to be announced soon.

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