Introducing TI’s SimpleLink product family: The industry’s broadest portfolio of easy-to-use wireless connectivity solutions

SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution is flagship device, aimed at expanding the “Internet of Things” with easy-to-implement, proven Wi-Fi technology

DALLAS (January 18, 2012) /PRNewswire/ — Building from more than a decade of proven leadership in the wireless connectivity space, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) (NASDAQ: TXN) today unveiled the SimpleLink™ product family, the industry’s widest portfolio of easy-to-use wireless connectivity technologies for low-power, low-cost embedded applications. The SimpleLink family includes self-contained wireless processors, aimed at enabling easy integration with any embedded system.

The cornerstone offering in this new family is the new SimpleLink Wi-Fi® CC3000 product: an easy-to-implement Wi-Fi solution that will lead the charge in expanding the world’s Internet of Things. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 is a self-contained 802.11 network processor, making it ideal for simple and quick addition of Internet connectivity to any embedded application. For full details on the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 and all SimpleLink products, visit

“The number of devices shipping with Wi-Fi inside is forecast to expand to 2.6 billion annually by 2016, as the Internet of Things becomes an even more prolific part of consumer lifestyles and business operations,” said Filomena Berardi, connectivity market analyst, IMS Research. “TI’s new SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution will take advantage of the mature Wi-Fi infrastructure, providing the optimal level of integration necessary to help drive this Wi-Fi expansion. TI is well positioned to bring Wi-Fi to low-power embedded devices, and turn traditional products into connected, interactive services.”

SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000: Bringing ubiquitous Wi-Fi connectivity to traditional and non-traditional devices alike
The new SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 leverages more than a decade of TI’s Wi-Fi experience to offer various benefits for the emerging Internet of Things. Features and benefits include:



Self-contained 802.11 network processor

  • TCP, UDP and IP on chip
  • Consumes 0.5% of the resources as compared to traditional Wi-Fi, with 6KB Flash, 3KB RAM software footprint
  • Standard software APIs

  • Removes the need for networking “know-how” when connecting applications to the Internet

  • Runs on any low-cost microcontroller (MCU), without need for an operating system

  • Integrates within hours with any new or existing embedded application

Self-contained, RF-certified module

  • Allows for easy addition to the PCB without RF expertise
  • Provides RF compliance for U.S., Canada and Europe (FCC, IC and ETSI)

Support for TI’s FirstTimeConfig technology

  • Facilitates easy pairing to 802.11 access point without the need of a display or user interface

Credible, proven solution with
best-in-class range

  • Provides reliable coverage throughout the entire house, building or other area
  • Ensures proven Wi-Fi interoperability

Turnkey development kit based on TI’s MSP430™ FRAM MCU, including forward compatibility with TI’s MCU portfolio

  • Enables quick start with TI E2E™ Web support and online documentation, including comprehensive porting guides and sample code

“We are thrilled to announce the SimpleLink family – including the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution – as a prime example of TI’s commitment to fuel the next wave of connected devices and the Internet of Things,” said Eran Sandhaus, general manager, emerging connectivity solutions, TI. “The addition of Internet connectivity to everyday consumer, home and office devices creates new value propositions for our customers, introducing ways to better control these devices and share information through the cloud. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution provides developers with the quickest and easiest avenue to meet these opportunities by adding best-in-class 802.11 Internet connectivity to their designs.”

SimpleLink products: Answering the call for simplified connectivity integration
The new SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 is only one member of the new SimpleLink family of products, which provides a comprehensive range of technologies for various end applications, and reiterates TI’s commitment to solving the challenges associated with the design and certification of connected devices. Requiring little-to-no RF expertise, SimpleLink products include self-contained software stacks, and come backed by TI and third-party tools and support. Today’s SimpleLink product family:


SimpleLink part number



SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000
New part!

Easy-to-implement Wi-Fi solution that will lead the charge in expanding the world’s Internet of Things


SimpleLink ZigBee CC2530ZNP

Simple, off-the-shelf ZigBee solution that does not require designers to learn the complexities of a full ZigBee stack


SimpleLink 6LoWPAN CC1180

Cost-effective, low-power, sub-1GHz RF network processor that provides 6LoWPAN functionality with minimal development effort


SimpleLink ANT CC2570/71

RF network processors that implement the easy-to-use, power-efficient ANT protocol, while keeping host MCU memory requirements low

Tools, availability and pricing
SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 modules are sampling now and released to production. The SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 FRAM evaluation module kit (EMK) is available today through authorized distributors for $199. For ordering details, please visit

The SimpleLink ZigBee CC2530ZNP, SimpleLink 6LoWPAN CC1180 and SimpleLink ANT CC2570/71 solutions are all available today as well. Please visit the respective product pages for ordering details.

Find out more about TI’s wireless connectivity solutions

About TI’s wireless connectivity portfolio
TI provides the industry’s broadest portfolio of mature wireless connectivity solutions. With expertise in more than a dozen technologies, TI ensures customers the best-suited wireless connectivity for every type of application. TI’s product portfolio is complemented with the support and tools that customers and developers need to quickly and easily bring wirelessly connected designs to market. Visit the company’s Wireless Connectivity Portal for an overview of TI-supported technologies, the full product portfolio, and example use cases.

About Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments semiconductor innovations help 80,000 customers unlock the possibilities of the world as it could be – smarter, safer, greener, healthier and more fun. Our commitment to building a better future is ingrained in everything we do – from the responsible manufacturing of our semiconductors, to caring for our employees, to giving back inside our communities. This is just the beginning of our story. Learn more at

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Texas Instruments introduces the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution: Easy-to-implement Wi-Fi for the expanding Internet of Things
Texas Instruments introduces the SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000 solution: Easy-to-implement Wi-Fi for the expanding Internet of Things

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