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Enterasys Networks First Vendor to Guarantee BYOD Solution Deployment

Enterasys Mobile IAM appliance accelerates custom BYOD policy enforcement, manages risk and delivers superior user experience for just $8 per device

Andover, Mass. — April 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications Company, today announced the new Enterasys Mobile IAM (Mobile Identity and Access Manager), a bring-your-own device (BYOD) network solution. Mobile IAM is a key component of the OneFabric Security architecture. Designed to be implemented with no additional IT staffing, the Mobile IAM appliance provides enterprise IT complete control and visibility into their BYOD environments for just $8 per device. Available in both physical and virtual options, the Mobile IAM appliance addresses IT’s most pressing BYOD concerns: security, user experience, simplicity and flexibility.

Enterasys is also offering a range of guaranteed services that offer successful and timely installation, functionality and no additional IT staffing. Other services introduced include integration with any Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, VDI deployments from VMware and Citrix and threat management from Palo Alto Networks for secure BYOD deployments.

Enterasys Mobile IAM is an innovative solution which addresses critical customer needs by providing:

BYOD environments are increasingly becoming the norm for many enterprises and an important enabler of employee productivity and improved user experience. However, one of the barriers to adoption is the lack of confidence that IT can eliminate the potential risks of unauthorized access and security breaches,” said Chris Crowell, president and CEO at Enterasys Networks. “Our new BYOD solution addresses these risks by providing end-to-end visibility and granular control of application delivery, usage of devices, and network resources. With this approach, we are the first to guarantee successful deployment of a complete BYOD solution, while allowing both end users and IT professionals to reap the many benefits of BYOD – increased mobility, higher job satisfaction, improvements in efficiency and productivity, and a reduction in end-user device management, troubleshooting and support.”

Based on award-winning innovation, Enterasys Mobile IAM is powered by the Enterasys Centralized Adaptive Provisioning Engine, which delivers granularity and control by tracking over 50 attributes in real time. The Enterasys Mobile IAM Appliance includes the following key features:

Enterasys Mobile IAM Professional Services allows for the implementation of customized, guaranteed BYOD solutions for Apple iOS, Android, Blackberry and other devices to support the successful deployment of user/device profiling, authentication, policy management, and user-interface setup. The complete scope of professional services guarantees a typical 3,000-device deployment in a 10-day timeframe, three times faster than any other competing deployments.

In addition, Enterasys MDM Connect provides users with the ability to integrate any mobile device management solution with Mobile IAM. Enterasys Mobile IAM Professional Services include policy-based routing for all edge devices, customized identity and access management implementation, and setup for custom user and device policies, including guest access.

Pricing and Availability
The Enterasys Mobile IAM Appliance will be available in Q2 2012 and starts at $20,995 for 3,000 devices. Pricing will scale based on the number of devices. The Mobile IAM professional services for 3,000 devices is priced at $22,000.

Supporting Quotes
“A district requirement is for us to track and monitor the usage of personally owned devices on the network. With the Enterasys BYOD solution, what we are really excited about is the opportunity for students to express their understanding of the classroom content in a way that they feel comfortable with and with a resource that they know how to use at a very high level. Enterasys Mobile IAM has allowed us to track, monitor and report on how the network is being used. Without this feature, it would have been impossible for us to deploy a wireless initiative.”

“We needed a complete network overhaul to not only keep pace with current connectivity demands, but provide enough bandwidth for future growth. By implementing the Mobile IAM solution from Enterasys, our students and faculty aren’t limited in how they can utilize technology in MWCC’s learning experience. Enterasys was able to meet all our needs at a much higher value for our investment – we would not have been able to achieve or afford these things with Cisco.”

"BYOD is one of the most important trends in enterprise IT today, with the potential to reduce costs, improve productivity, and efficiently mobilize the entire organization. Enterasys is catching the BYOD wave with a broad range of very-cost-effective capabilities that will make BYOD a reality everywhere."

“There is a lot of discussion in the industry over how to best tackle the deployment of BYOD initiatives. Both networking and MDM vendors are proposing solutions to the problem and it will only be through a combined effort that enterprises will be able to get a handle on the proliferation of employee-owned devices on their network. At this point, IT is reconciled to the fact they need to support BYOD, but are faced with not only technical issues, but also legal and compliance regulations when it comes to BYOD. Vendors such as Enterasys that make on-boarding easy and address key security requirements with a simple solution are best positioned to take advantage of this market.”

“We’re seeing a remarkable number of BYOD projects today in both private and public sectors. End-users are demanding to use their devices at work and this trend is causing security and management issues as well as a great deal of IT complexity. With Mobile IAM we have an opportunity to help our customers solve these issues more easily and cost effectively. Combining the Mobile IAM appliance and deployment offering with our service capabilities, we can deliver a simple, guaranteed BYOD solution into existing network environments.”

“In the UK, the trend toward the consumerization of IT is forcing companies to adapt to a changing working style. Today’s employees are depending to be able to do their jobs on the device of their choice. The combination of the Enterasys Mobile IAM solution with guaranteed professional services offerings makes for an extremely compelling BYOD value proposition for both the channel and customers. We are very excited about the combined solution and see a lot of opportunity to offer this simple solution on top of our own service offerings.”


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