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RICHARDSON, TEXAS — Date /PRNewswire/ — The Lennox icomfort™ Wi-Fi Thermostat allows homeowners to achieve customized comfort and maximum energy savings – anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to the icomfort Wi-Fi Thermostat’s Cloud connectivity, a homeowner can adjust the temperature from anywhere with a smartphone or other Web-enabled device. One touch on the thermostat, app, or website puts the icomfort Wi-Fi into energy — and money — saving mode, making it an ideal solution for homeowners seeking convenience and energy savings.

The icomfort Wi-Fi is also the first thermostat with the capability to blend in with its surroundings, as customized “skins” transform the device to blend with any wall color or pattern when it is in sleep mode. A homeowner can even upload a photo to transform the device into a family portrait.

The icomfort Wi-Fi was designed to operate like popular consumer electronics, such as tablets and smartphones, so it’s easy for homeowners to use. “Thermostats can be intimidating to program and use for some homeowners,” said Bobby DiFulgentiz, director of product management, controls for Lennox Industries. “The icomfort Wi-Fi is extremely user friendly and works like devices that homeowners already know and love.”

The icomfort Wi-Fi also features a real-time weather feed directly on the home screen, instantly providing the weather for the day or a five-day forecast. And with its one-touch “Away” mode, users never have to worry about wasting energy when they’re not home.

“From a decor standpoint, thermostats aren’t often a welcomed addition to the home,” said DiFulgentiz. “The Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi can be made to blend more seamlessly into any décor, making it an integrated part of the home. And with its energy savings features, ease-of-use, and flexibility, this thermostat makes it easier than it’s ever been for homeowners to achieve customized comfort and also save money on their electricity bills throughout the year.”

For more information about the icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat, homeowners can contact their local Lennox dealer, visit the Lennox website, or call 1-800-9-LENNOX.

About Lennox
Lennox Industries is a leading provider of customized home heating, cooling and indoor air quality products that are designed to deliver customized comfort, efficiency and functionality, with the most innovative and reliable features available. For more information about Lennox home comfort products, visit or call 1-800-9-LENNOX.



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