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Join our Movement For More Summer

Notice to all the discontented

An unprecedented movement of protest is presently forming…
In Paris, London, Brussels, Barcelona, Milan and Berlin, demonstrations are spreading like wildfire.

The Movement is ours and nothing will stop us from getting what we want.

What is it we are demanding? We want summer, we want holidays, we want sun!

To those who curse their alarm clock every morning,

To those who can’t stand having their feet trod upon in the subway anymore,

To those who dread these daily 3 hours lost in traffic jams and these other 2, spent looking for a parking place,

To those who faced with rain,
cold and gloomy weather want to stay cocooning in their quilt,

To all of you, who are weary of having to snack on a sandwich over your desk,

To you, who have to fight to stay awake during those Monday afternoon meetings,

To you, whose tan fades too quickly leaving you moaning about a complexion as white as a sheet,

To you also who can’t stand the sight of your Smartphone anymore,

Join us! Join the Movement for more Summer
Come and claim your demand for more holidays on Facebook:

Demonstrations are multiplying across Europe, come and add your voice to ours. Come and demand more summer and more sun: (film edit to add)

Contact: formoresummer_uk@movementformoresummer.com