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Launches NEW Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost lip balm

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y., September 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — It’s all treats and no tricks this Halloween season when Softlips®, a leader in premium lip care, announces the launch of a new lip balm. Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost will debut in stores nationwide in early September. Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost will be featured as part of a Halloween-themed, two-pack that includes the best-selling Softlips® Vanilla lip balm.

Softlips® has been a lip balm of choice among young women for more than 20 years. Current fans and new consumers alike will love Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost, featuring the irresistible flavor and fragrance of fresh, fluffy marshmallows. Plus, to make this pack even more bewitching, Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost will be offered in a limited edition black stick—a Halloween-appropriate twist on Softlips® traditional white stick. Both Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost and Softlips® Vanilla are highly moisturizing lip protectants with SPF 20, making them a smart purchase for the upcoming colder months.

“The Softlips® consumer is always looking for new flavors, new varieties and new occasions to enjoy our family of products,” says Katherine Tocheff, Director of Innovation. “We are delighted to introduce a one-of-a-kind flavor that put Softlips in the spotlight throughout the Halloween season.”

“The Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost/Vanilla 2-Pack is the perfect treat for anyone who loves our brand already, and a fun way to try Softlips® for those who are new to our product line,” Tocheff adds. “Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost is just the beginning of our efforts to leverage the holiday seasons throughout the year. Look for more exciting and innovative products to come from Softlips®.”

The Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost/Vanilla 2-Pack is sure to “scare up” lots of fans as an affordable Halloween treat for under $5. It’s an ideal option for anyone looking for an alternative to the high-calorie, sugar-packed snacks that traditionally fill Halloween bags. Plus, the Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost/Vanilla 2-Pack makes a great Halloween gift for teachers, classmates, friends and family. Consumers are invited to visit the Softlips Facebook page at to learn more and to find a retailer in their area.

Softlips® offers a full line of lip conditioners, lip tints, lip glosses and therapeutic lip products, including natural and organic products. Softlips® is currently available in the lip care section at food, retail and drug stores nationwide.

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Just in time for Halloween ! Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost flavor lip balm in two pack with Softlips® Vanilla lip balm.
Just in time for Halloween ! Softlips® Marshmallow Ghost flavor lip balm in two pack with Softlips® Vanilla lip balm.

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