Celebrating Winter Solstice 2012

METAXA releases the Sun on
the longest night of the year!

All across the Northern Hemisphere, as we get to the shortest day of the year, METAXA releases the Sun it has captured with each and every drop, known all over the world as possibly the ‘Smoothest amber spirit under the Sun’. Enjoy each and every moment, with friends & family, and chase the cold and winter feeling away with the joy & optimism METAXA provides you with.

On the evenings leading up to this Winter Solstice, your favourite METAXA cocktails will take you on a journey that lights up your night. The Hot Sun winter warmer will give you a relaxing après-ski feeling, and the heavenly Brown Sugar shot will take you shooting straight for the Sun.

Join METAXA at one of its hot spots across the Northern Hemisphere to soak some sun into the evenings leading to this Winter Solstice on December 21st:

Feel like enjoying the evening at home with your close ones? Surprise them with simple yet delicious creations: sun-kissed drinks are prepared in no time.

METAXA celebrates the Winter Solstice and brings you the Sun on the longest night of the year. A good way to start the festive days ahead, leading to the New Year!

METAXA 5 Stars


METAXA 5 Stars is a beautifully balanced marriage of fine wine distillates matured up to five years in oak casks and of Muscat wines from the Aegean islands. Dark honey in colour, with floral, fruity aromas and elegant oak notes.

METAXA 5 Stars is perfect on its own or at the heart of delicious cocktails and long drinks.

METAXA 7 Stars


METAXA 7 Stars is the premium expression of the METAXA style, featuring longer-aged Muscat wines from the Aegean Islands and the finest wine distillates matured up to seven years in oak casks. Old gold in colour, it reveals delicate aromas of Muscat and soft vanilla, followed by full, balanced flavours.

METAXA 7 Stars is best enjoyed neat or with ice. Also as a shot with Brown Sugar.

About the House of Metaxa

METAXA was founded in 1888 by Spyros Metaxa, a man of taste and a natural risk-taker. In 1888, METAXA set out to start where other spirits had stopped. In a league of its own, METAXA is the smoothest spirit under the sun, thanks to its Muscat wines from the Aegean islands. METAXA is the only international spirit to bring together fine aged wine distillates and these intensely aromatic Muscat wines. Smooth, aromatic and endlessly versatile, METAXA brings a touch of sun into the heart of your long drinks and cocktails.

All METAXA cocktail recipes are available at www.metaxa.com

METAXA: Touch the sun!

Please enjoy responsibly