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ILEX Consumer Products Group launches di-gel to “undo” America’s digestive troubles

Black Friday product launch event helped thousands of New Yorkers “undo” the stress of the holiday season

BALTIMORE, November 28, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — ILEX Consumer Products Group, a Baltimore-based company which owns and manages health and beauty as well as over the counter (OTC) drug brands, launched di-gel, a new antacid/anti-gas brand, just in time for all the overindulging and stress of the holidays.

The new digestive aid, which is being promoted with integrated TV and digital advertising, grassroots and public relations, launched with the brand tagline “When you overdo, undo.”

di-gel is an all-in-one solution for consumers in need of digestive relief. Three of the five product offerings feature the unique dual benefit of having both an anti-gas and antacid use. The full product line includes the following varieties and benefits:

To kick off the product launch with a splash, a consumer event was held in New York City on Black Friday (November 23) featuring a “Comfort Zone” to help thousands of Black Friday shoppers undo the woes of Thanksgiving celebrations and the frustrations of shopping on Black Friday. The “di-gel Comfort Zone” opened to New York City shoppers on the east sidewalk of 5th Avenue between 17th and 18th Streets and provided clean, free restrooms, a heated tent, phone charging stations, comfortable seating and samples of di-gel to thousands of weary Black Friday shoppers. While warming and charging up inside the tent, shoppers took pictures of themselves with oversized food and drinks, which were then placed on Instagram and the di-gel website. The event was a play on the idea of thinking about di-gel when you overdo it with too much food, drink, stress or in this case, too much shopping without clean, public restrooms.

“Given the recent events in New York City, we thought this was the right time to host this event, support local businesses and make Black Friday shoppers a little more comfortable,” said Bernie Kropfelder, EVP and General Manager OTC , ILEX Consumer Products Group.

“di-gel is one of the only products currently on shelves offering both anti-gas and anti-acid relief, and we needed a compelling and fully-integrated campaign to get the message out to consumers quickly,” continued Kropfelder. “The ‘Undo’ concept is simple and relatable. We all overdo it at times —especially during the holidays when our product will be hitting store shelves — and di-gel is the solution for when that catches up with you.”

The 30-second TV spot, which is running on the Food Network and Bravo, highlights the various triggers for stomach upset, from stress to coffee to spicy foods, that lead all of us to “overdo” it at times. The campaign will also be supported by pre-roll spots and digital advertising on and Undertone ad network as well as an integrated editorial and digital display program on the network.

As part of the product launch, di-gel also unveiled a new website (, which will provide product information, product news and a retail finder.

Available at major drug and grocery retailers nationwide, ILEX has plans to expand the di-gel line to include other products and variations to provide consumers multiple options depending on their digestive symptoms. For more information, visit

About ILEX Consumer Products Group
Baltimore-based ILEX Consumer Products Group, a subsidiary of a private investment holding company, owns and manages brands in two industry segments, Health & Beauty Aids (HBA) and Over the Counter drugs (OTC). The HBA platform is lead by health and beauty brands Calgon and The Healing Garden. The Calgon brand launched in 1946 and in the 1960s became famous with their iconic tagline “Take Me Away!” which has become a widely-known pop culture reference. The OTC platform is led by the St Joseph and di-gel brands. The St. Joseph brand, which is more than 90 years old, now markets low dose and regular strength enteric-coated aspirin, as well as Cough and Cold products. The di-gel brand, which offers the unique dual benefit of being an anti-gas and antacid product, launched in October 2012 at grocery stores and major retailers nationwide.

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di-gel Black Friday Comfort Zone
di-gel Black Friday Comfort Zone
di-gel Helps New Yorkers "Undo" Black Friday Shopping Troubles
di-gel Helps New Yorkers "Undo" Black Friday Shopping Troubles
ILEX launches di-gel to “undo” America’s digestive troubles
ILEX launches di-gel to “undo” America’s digestive troubles

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