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Let’s Go Virginia Campaign Launches in Support of Virginia Transportation Funding Increase

Richmond, Va. (January 22, 2013) /PRNewswire/ — Let’s Go Virginia (VA) is a campaign developed by the Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) to highlight the Commonwealth’s need for a long-term, sustainable transportation funding solution. In response to a recent transportation funding plan introduced by Gov. Bob McDonnell VTCA launched Let’s Go VA to provide information and resources to Virginia residents, encouraging them to get involved and voice support for a long-term, sustainable solution to Virginia’s transportation funding crisis during the 2013 General Assembly session.

Despite having the third largest highway system in the nation, funding levels to repair and expand Virginia’s transportation system have not been significantly increased since 1986. At the same time population levels and number of miles traveled on Virginia roads has grown exponentially, contributing to Virginians having the sixth longest commute times in the nation. Currently, the funding for transportation construction will run out completely by 2017.

“We have waited long enough to invest in transportation,” said Jeffrey Southard, executive vice president of VTCA. “It’s costing us jobs and opportunities to grow our state’s economy. The bold plan proposed by Governor McDonnell provides for long-term, sustainable funding. The General Assembly needs to work together to pass a funding solution to get Virginia moving again.”

LetsgoVA.org connects Virginians with a short video explaining what’s happened to our roads in Virginia and an easy way to contact General Assembly members in support of a long-term, sustainable transportation funding solution. In addition updates and links are being shared on Twitter @letsgoVA.

“This issue is far too important to sweep under the rug for another year,” Southard added. “Virginians have wasted too much time and money waiting for a long-term, sustainable transportation funding solution and we urge them to visit letsgoVA.org to tell their legislators enough is enough.”

For more information visit letsgoVA.org and follow @letsgoVA on Twitter.


The Virginia Transportation Construction Alliance (VTCA) is the trade association representing more than 300 companies who plan, design, build and maintain Virginia’s transportation infrastructure.

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