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The First Enterprise Big Data Appliance to Dramatically Simplify Apache Hadoop Deployment, DDN’s hScaler Platform Also Delivers Up to Seven Times Better Analytics Performance

SANTA CLARA, CA — February 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — STRATA CONFERENCE (Booth #217).

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Tweet This: @DDN_limitless introduces hScaler, the industry’s first enterprise Hadoop appliance #Hadoop #BigData

Precision-Engineered to Dramatically Lower TCO


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DDN’s hScaler appliance represents the next step forward in the democratization of Big Data: It takes an advanced analytics solution that was economical for only the richest and most information-driven organizations in the world and puts it well within the grasp of enterprise CIOs. For enterprises seeking to maximize the value of their information, hScaler technology presents an opportunity to do so at a lower cost — in terms of time, money, and resources — than ever before.” — Jean-Luc Chatelain, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Technology, DDN (

DDN has developed a Hadoop solution that is all about time to value: It simplifies rollout so that enterprises can get up and running more quickly, provides typical DDN performance to accelerate data processing, and reduces the amount of time needed to maintain a Hadoop solution. For enterprises with a deluge of data but a limited IT budget, the DDN hScaler appliance should be on the short list of potential solutions.” — Dave Vellante, Chief Research Officer,

"Hadoop, the transformative open source big data project, has enabled organizations to extract value from mountains of data that would have been far more difficult a few years ago. DDN’s hScaler appliance, which is coupled with the Hortonworks Data Platform, is designed to take Hadoop performance and scalability to new heights while minimizing the on-going challenges and costs of complex Hadoop infrastructure management." —Evan Quinn, Senior Principal Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group.

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Powerful and Flexible ETL Engine
Powerful and Flexible ETL Engine
Precision-Engineered to Truly Lower TCO
Precision-Engineered to Truly Lower TCO
Flexible hScaler Configuration
Flexible hScaler Configuration

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