Blancco Helps Data Centers Achieve Compliance,
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Growing number of data centers turn to Blancco for best practices in protecting customer data with certified, efficient and professional data erasure

JOENSUU, Finland, March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions, offers distinct advantages to complex data centers like those used by social media sites, payment card companies and other large organizations. With an increasing number of customers in this growing field, Blancco is launching an initiative to inform the market about its solutions and best practices for cost-effective, compliant data erasure.

As part of the initiative, Blancco is offering a comprehensive white paper, “Data Erasure Solutions for Data Center and Cloud Computing Security,” for download.

“Data centers contain massive amounts of customer data that is protected by industry standards and regulations like PCI DSS, HIPAA in the US and EU directives,” said Kim Väisänen, CEO and Co-Founder of Blancco. “Given these compliance mandates and the need to protect sensitive data, certified, efficient and professional data erasure is now more important than ever.”

According to Väisänen, Blancco offers three key advantages to data centers:

“As data centers grow more complex, we want to spotlight the advantages our solutions offer,” Väisänen said. “To eliminate the need for multiple erasure products, data centers with high-end server and SAN environments need a tool that erases a broad range of hardware like Netapp, IBM, Oracle (SUN), HP, EMC, DELL, and Hitachi, as well as Microsoft software. Our solutions are tailored to meet these requirements. They also support virtual environments from both VMware and Microsoft based on vSphere (ESXi) and Hyper-V, respectively.”

Blancco’s solutions can handle the different levels of data erasure required in a data center: File, LUN, Disk, Server and Storage.

“We are the only provider of a complete portfolio of certified solutions for data erasure from smartphones to mainframes,” Väisänen said. “We look forward to continuing our work to help data centers meet their challenges.”

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Blancco Oy Ltd.
Kim Väisänen, CEO and Co-Founder

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Blancco is the proven data erasure solution for millions of users around the globe. As the global leader in data erasure and computer reuse solutions, Blancco offers the most certified data erasure solutions within the industry. The company serves users across a wide range of industries, including banking, finance, government and defense. The company’s products are highly valued by IT asset disposal professionals around the world. Blancco operates from an extensive network of international offices and partners across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Russia, Asia and Australasia. More information is available at

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