Sonab Presents a Revolution in Commercial Wireless Sound

Sonab Audio, the commercial audio specialists, presents a world premiere: System 9 – a revolutionary sound system for retail, offices, restaurants and hotels. System 9 is a wireless sound system designed to be extremely simple to install and maintain, whilst at the same time taking the shopping experience to new levels. The right sound and the right music, at the right volume will increase both customer experience and sales.

System 9 speakers are as simple as they are innovative. They connect to existing 230V spotlight tracks – not plug-n-play, but snap-n-play. The powered speakers receive power from the track and the sound signal wirelessly. Cables are unnecessary as the speakers attach to the track wherever you want the sound. Should you wish to change the placing of the sound, you just connect the speaker elsewhere. The wireless transmitter can be connected to any sound source, including Mac/PC.

System 9 products are designed to blend into a shop environment. Their form is reminiscent of spotlights, which makes them appear to be a part of the décor. The flat subwoofer, when hung on the wall, is hardly noticeable.

Premium quality
Sonab Audio has long experience of designing high quality speakers, both in terms of design and sound. And the System 9 speakers are no exception – they deliver a premium hi-fi sound. The System 9 system uses the very latest wireless technology for sound transmission, such as an uncompressed signal for CD quality audio, and a fast network with no audible sound delays.

Volume and zones
Each speaker can be set in up to 6 volume zones, making it easy to have different levels in different areas. Master volume controls all zones.

Wireless and wired possibilities
A System 9 installation is always reliable and robust. You can have an entirely wireless installation, or a combination of wireless and cable. The system can also be setup with cable only.

Benefits with the wireless Sonab System 9 sound system:

Sales: Steinar Arnason

Press: Mathias Pantzar

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