Label 5 Scotch Whisky Unveils An Original Web Series

NEW YORK, April 18, 2013, PRNewswire/- Leading Scotch Whisky Brand LABEL 5, is launching on the 18th of April an amazing campaign: The WorldmiXperience. Broadcasted on Facebook, the WorldmiXperience features 5 fans of LABEL 5 in New York, taking up an incredible mission.

The 5 lucky participants (2 Australians, 1 Lebanese and 2 Belgians) are the winners of the #CATCHTHE5 contest – an Instagram contest asking to take photos of 5. They will spend 5 days in New York and live 5 unforgettable experiences. Their mission? Spread the spirit of LABEL 5. To achieve it, they will have to take up 5 challenges.

All challenges are based on the brand’s DNA – convivial, open-minded, modern – and are built on the legendary number of the brand. Here are the 5 missions: Get a maximum of High 5 at Times Square, create a flashmob in the form of 5 with the help of street dancers, learn how to make the signature cocktail “5 Senses” in 25 seconds, make a graffiti representing a 5 at 5Pointz the graffiti Mecca, and walk down the 5th avenue wearing a modern and interactive t-shirt.

The WorldmiXperience is a great opportunity for LABEL 5 to reinforce the brand original content and to celebrate the World Mix spirit. Through watching the WorldmiXperience on Facebook our fans are invited to explore and discover the essence of LABEL 5 and to try to win great prizes with games related to different missions.

During the show, the LABEL 5 Facebook page will be regularly updated with photos, interviews and videos from the different missions.

Check out the WorldmiXperience on our Facebook page While watching the WorldmiXperience, remember to enjoy LABEL 5 responsibly.


Elaborated in Scotland, LABEL 5 is renowned worldwide for its high quality and appreciated for its smooth and authentic flavours. LABEL 5, ranks 9th on the worldwide Scotch Whisky market and is sold in more than 100 countries.


Last September LABEL 5 launched an interactive campaign built on its legendary number. LABEL 5 fans were asked to take pictures that best represent the number 5 with Instagram. The campaign ran in many countries across the world and brought in over hundreds pictures! The 5 winners won a fantastic prize: the opportunity to go to NEW YORK with one amazing mission: Spread the Spirit of LABEL 5.

Please enjoy LABEL 5 responsibly