Exclusive edition by Arctic Living.
Exclusive edition by Arctic Living.
Arne Jacobsen Egg (TM) chair in genuine Greenlandic sealskin
Arne Jacobsen Egg(TM) chair in genuine Greenlandic sealskin
Each sealskin Egg (TM) chair is unique and numbered, no two chairs are alike
Each sealskin Egg(TM) chair is unique and numbered, no two chairs are alike
The Egg™ was designed in 1958 for SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The Egg ™ is a joy to behold, a result of a well thought concept and known as one of the world’s most beautiful chairs.
The Egg™ was designed in 1958 for SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The Egg ™ is a joy to behold, a result of a well thought concept and known as one of the world’s most beautiful chairs.

A Danish design icon in Greenland: Arne Jacobsen The EggTM in genuine Greenlandic sealskin

AALBORG, Denmark, April 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Numbered exclusive edition of Danish design classic: A limited edition of the original Fritz Hansen The Egg TM is being produced for Arctic Living in Nuuk. Each chair is covered with unique sealskin – and no two chairs are alike. Experience the chair in Arctic Living in Nuuk.

The EggTM in Greenlandic sealskin

You know the chair and the architect who designed it. As a tribute to both, Arctic Import – who owns the lifestyle store Arctic Living in Nuuk – is getting a limited and numbered amount of the Egg TM produced. Each chair is covered with its own unique genuine Greenlandic sealskin. On the interior seating surfaces, the customer can either choose Classic-leather or Elegance-leather.

Sales manager Martin Pedersen, Arctic Import, says, ”We are marking the one-year anniversary of the lifestyle store Arctic Living in Nuuk in May 2013 – and we would like to celebrate this with an original Greenlandic idea – a designer chair in sealskin. Greenlandic sealskin is a unique and beautiful material, and I think it is a pity that sealskin is not applied to a greater extent than is the case. Ever since the opening of Arctic Living, it has been a great desire on our part to include the Greenlandic nature in our store in one way or another, and we have succeeded with this unique collaboration.”

“It is a very special chair,” Martin Pedersen continues – “and since Arctic Living in Greenland is selling the famous Arne Jacobsen chairs produced by furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen – it seemed natural asking them.”

Arctic Import is proud of its cooperation with Fritz Hansen – “…And we have carried out a fantastic and professional development together regarding the sealskin padding – from idea to the production of the EggTM chair”, Martin Pedersen elaborates.

Reinvented Design with Unique Natural Materials

With the chair, Arctic Import wants to promote genuine Greenlandic natural materials and challenge the traditional ways of designing with industrialised materials.
“This edition of the EggTM is unique; each chair is numbered and has a unique sealskin cover – no two chairs are alike, which brings us back to the uniqueness and natural character of sealskin”, Martin Pedersen emphasises. In the long run, Arctic Import hopes that the customers take the Greenlandic sealskin chair to heart so that a continuous production of the chairs can be initiated by Fritz Hansen. International export of the sealskin chairs from Greenland – for example to the EU, Japan, China, and the United States – is an obvious opportunity, according to Martin Pedersen.

The Greenlandic Hunters Deliver the Skins

The sealskins are provided by Great Greenland, which is the only company allowed to sell Greenlandic sealskin within the EU. Martin Pedersen says, “We have received outstanding help with the beautiful sealskins and the design process from Great Greenland.” Great Greenland buys the skins directly from the Greenlandic hunters. Sealskin is already applied in Greenlandic accessories and unique fashion products such as bags, jackets and boots – designed by international designers. Great Greenland purchases sealskins which the hunters have to spare in their daily household.

Sustainable Sealing

The selling of sealskins entails the opportunity for Greenlandic hunters to maintain their original way of life. Greenlanders uphold the natural resources, and the hunting takes place in a sustainable way as it always has been taking place in Greenland – as recognised by among others Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.

Arctic Living

Arctic Living is celebrating its one-year anniversary 10th-12th of May 2013 with a range of offers on designer products and furniture – and these offers are valid throughout May. Store manager Karina Holmstrøm Petersen, “We invite everyone to pay the Arctic Living store a visit and experience design and interior design – and, not least, to try the Egg TM in genuine Greenlandic sealskin. Our anniversary catalog will be distributed in Nuuk during week 18. The catalog is filled with lots of good deals from the world of design.”

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