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World’s first intelligent fertility app “OMD Fertility” now launched
World’s first intelligent fertility app “OMD Fertility” now launched
OMD Fertility app “How Long” page
OMD Fertility app “How Long” page
OMD Fertility app “Personal Report” page
OMD Fertility app “Personal Report” page

OnlineMD Launches World’s First Intelligent Fertility “App”

New York City, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — OnlineMD Corporation has announced the launch of the OMD Fertility “app” which can dramatically increase the chances of success for people trying to have a baby. The free, interactive, and intelligent app provides all the functionality of the web-based OnlineMD Fertility Report The app and the website offer consumers access to expert medical opinion in a highly personalized, easy to understand format.

OnlineMD is an innovative interactive service, delivering high-quality intelligent healthcare information to consumers. OMD Fertility is the first product to be released by the company and is now available on a free trial basis. The broader-based OnlineMD service will go live later this year and target a much wider audience.

The OMD Fertility app reviews the user’s personal health and fertility circumstances to provide them with a confidential, detailed report. No matter where the user is in their journey to parenthood, the OnlineMD Fertility Report explains exactly what they need to know to improve their chances of becoming pregnant and how to avoid unnecessary or outdated treatments, techniques and investigations that can cause delays, disappointment, avoidable stress and cost.

“Women are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information about fertility online,” says Managing Director and Executive Editor, Ms. Kate Pryde. “This can be distressing and counter-productive. What they really want to know is how to improve their own, personal, chances of success. One of the many benefits of the Report is that it provides affordable access to expert information anywhere, anytime, on any device and is therefore particularly beneficial to people in rural locations, who no longer need to wait months (or travel for miles) to access reliable and up to date information on fertility in order to prepare for and achieve a pregnancy. As many as 9% of the U.S. population is challenged by fertility issues.”

Although millions of people find it difficult to conceive, the solution to infertility is not simple. Getting it right depends on many individual factors, including age, health, history, timing, treatments and techniques, which is why the OnlineMD Fertility Report is designed as an individual research resource.

Developed by world-leading experts to provide the user with a single source of reliable quality information and opinion on the latest fertility treatment options available, the OnlineMD Fertility Report is not associated with any fertility clinic, treatment or technique so consumers can be sure that their report is designed only to benefit them. The site does not sell any third party products. All content is approved by an international editorial board of eminent medical and educational specialists.

The app is designed to be universally accessible on both the Apple iOS platform, as well as Google’s Android platform.

How OMD Fertility works
The review:

As the participant completes the review, their answers are analyzed. Their report is then compiled based on their responses and every aspect of fertility is explained as the participant progresses through the review.