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Texas Got It Right!

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Texas Got It Right! Book Cover Image
Texas Got It Right! Book Cover Image
Texas Got It Right! Co-Author Sam Wyly
Texas Got It Right! Co-Author Sam Wyly
Texas Got It Right! Co-Author Andrew Wyly
Texas Got It Right! Co-Author Andrew Wyly
iBook screen shot
iBook screen shot

Texas Got It Right!

By Sam Wyly and Andrew Wyly, Foreword by Walter Isaacson

Now Available on iTunes, Sam Wyly and Andrew Wyly Reveal in Their New Book Why the Lone Star State is an Economic Powerhouse, a Jobs Leader and the Number One Place to Move in the U.S.

DALLAS (June 12, 2013) /PRNewswire/ — Following the book’s successful launch last fall, Texas Got It Right! (TXGIR!) is now available as an iBook! Formatted for the iPad, the Texas Got It Right! iBook is available from iTunes for just $4.99.

Released last October, more than 300,000 copies of Texas Got It Right! are currently in circulation.

A rodeo bull rider once said, “It ain’t bragging if it’s true.” Sam Wyly and Andrew Wyly wrote Texas Got It Right! to show how Texas is an entrepreneurial Mecca boasting the most rapidly growing technology sector and the largest independent music festival in the world. Well-known companies such as In-N-Out Burger, Trader Joe’s, Apple, and Google have either expanded their presence in or moved their headquarters to Texas. As home to many of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., the state has evolved from its Wild West roots to today’s thriving economy, prompting the question: how do you explain its success?

Sam Wyly and Andrew Wyly emphatically answer with their book, Texas Got It Right! (Melcher Media, October 2012). Setting Texas stereotypes aside, TXGIR!  explains why Texas leads the nation in imports and exports, has been the top wind power state for the past six years, and is the number one place to move in the U.S.

“My son, Andrew, and I decided to write this book because we saw America being pulled in two very different directions. On one side was California, where taxation and regulation were squeezing the blood right out of entrepreneurs and sending that once-proud state to the very bottom of almost every major entrepreneurial ranking. On the other side was Texas…where the best and the brightest people and greatest companies are voting with their feet… in unprecedented numbers to set up shop in Texas,” said Sam Wyly.

The TXGIR! iBook is chock full of dynamic infographics, beautifully displayed via the iPad’s Retina Display, which provides razor-sharp text, vibrant colors, and photos rich with detail. Publishing TXGIR!  via iTunes as an iBook will enable more people to enjoy the book.

Texas is home to many firsts, and leads the nation and the world in many economic areas:

The 10-step policy guide in Texas Got It Right! provides a roadmap for the other 49 states to follow. As Walter Isaacson says in his foreword, “The state’s can-do spirit and love of independent thinkers, innovators, and entrepreneurs is something that could help kick up our whole economy.” Texas Got It Right! chronicles the people, companies and achievements of the Lone Star State. From Sam Houston to Mary Kay Ash, from Whole Foods Market, Half Price Books, Southwest Airlines, and Dell, to the invention of the microchip, building the Houston Ship Channel, and the creation of SXSW, opportunity abounds in the Lone Star State.

The print edition of Texas Got It Right! is also available for purchase at,, and Half Price Books.

Sam and Andrew Wyly are currently working on their next book: Immigrants Enrich Us All (working title), scheduled for release Spring 2014.

ISBN 978-1-59591-074-5, $19.95, 176pp with illustrations, (October 2012). For more information, visit and find us on Twitter @TXGIR and


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