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PrivatBank Has Shown What its Mobile Applications Will Look Like in Google Glass (video)

DNIPROPETROVSK, Ukraine, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Ukraine’s PrivatBank has released a conceptual video showing how the bank’s mobile applications will be used in the nearest future after the launch of Google Glass.

The video shows how Google Glass will be used to pay bills by taking pictures of them, transfer money by giving voice commands, withdraw money or pay for purchases by reading QR codes, and even refuel.

PrivatBank explains that it has created numerous mobile applications which already can be used to do what is shown in the video.

‘PrivatBank has become one of the first banks in the world to begin implementing QR codes and voice-activated control to its services on a large scale,’ says Dmytro Dubilet, Marketing Director of PrivatBank. ‘The architecture of our applications suits Google Glass ideally. We don’t even have to adapt anything, everything is ready.’

PhotoKassa application makes it possible to pay bills by simply taking pictures of them, SendMoney application is used to transfer money and fulfill other commands using voice, and the bank’s main application Privat24, in addition to all standard functions, provides an opportunity to scan QR codes and carry out bank transactions, such as withdraw cash from ATMs, pay for purchases or enter the Internet-bank.

PrivatBank is one of the most hi-tech banks in Europe. The technologies which PrivatBank was the first worldwide to introduce include SMS banking (1999), SMS one time passwords (2000), Р2Р passwords between cards (2003), Electronic Change (2009), online collection (2010), and others. PrivatBank became one of the first banks to launch QR code based contactless services for its customers. Using a QR code, PrivatBank’s customers can log in to their online bank account, withdraw cash at ATMs, fuel at gasoline stations, and make and pay for an order in a restaurant’s online menu card. Today, every third customer of the bank uses its online services and mobile applications.