The Second Italian PR Newswire Event: Internationalisation and Business Communication Abroad

BRESCIA, Italy, June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The CDO headquarters in the heart of Brescia welcomed PR Newswire for the second stage of their expansion as part of an all-Italian event.

The workshop took place on 8 June in an ad-hoc location. Brescia is home to an extremely diverse range of activities, which demonstrate the unceasing effort and the passion of the Brescia community, the hard work and the creativity which have made this province one of Europe’s most industrious and productive, and one which continues to invest in its own future. This can be seen in sectors ranging from industry to credit services, clothing, foundry, as well as in several professional associations.

The event took place thanks to the support of the CDO’s Riccardo Camossi, Responsabile Area Sviluppo e Gestione Associati, and was attended by a large number of companies looking to expand and increase their visibility abroad. The event was well subscribed, with over 40 participants from a range of sectors, including exports, fashion, energy and household products.

Simona Turla, PR Newswire’s Business Development Manager, explained how, compared to traditional email distribution, wire distribution is a more effective way of delivering news and press releases. With its experience and solid reputation on the international market, PR Newswire works to increase the visibility of its clients, enhancing their image and supporting them during times of crisis to stimulate business and encourage success.

Our ultimate objective is to help micro, small and medium Italian enterprises which are looking to internationalisation as the key to the successful development and the promotion of their brands.

This is merely the beginning of a series of events set to take place in Italy in the near future.

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CDO is a nationally important association of Italian companies representing 34 thousand associated enterprises, mostly small and medium. The association has 38 offices in Italy and 17 abroad (in Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Colombia, France, Hungary, Israel, Kenya, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Switzerland and Venezuela). CDO is also present worldwide via the Co.Export internationalisation consortium and the AVSI Foundation (CDO Network) offices.