Playboy reveals a Super-Seductive Advertising Campaign
For New Super Playboy Collection For Him & For Her

“You are a Playboy and you have extraordinary powers. You enter a rooftop party. Here’s what could happen…”

Playboy launches a super-sexy, super-charged advertising campaign for Super Playboy, its new blockbuster fragrance and body care collection. The tongue-in-cheek television, print and digital campaign plays out the epic exploits of super seducers as they take control of the night. Forget saving the world – they’re too busy seducing and having fun! Are you ready to play? PRESS TO PLAY!

Super Playboy On Screen

Set in a world where ANYTHING can happen, Playboy’s playful new television advertising depicts the adventures of a Super Playboy hero and heroine at an über-glam rooftop party. It’s the perfect setting for both to unleash their powers of seduction – saving the world can wait! The campaign is directed by multi-award winning Paul Middleditch, who has gained international acclaim for his humorous, and sometimes irreverent, advertising films. Renowned for his iconic work on top youth brands, Middleditch is an expert in using special effects to create visually arresting stories. In 2012, ‘Best Ads on TV’ ranked him as the world’s number one commercial director.

The TV film For Him follows the suave Super Playboy through various party scenarios with amusing consequences – such as when his X-ray vision drifts from checking out gorgeous women onto a male party-goer – until he meets his match, the Super Playboy heroine. The television advertisement For Her centres on this same hot Super Playboy heroine. We follow her exploits as she uses her powers for heroic feats of seduction. We see her use her kinetic capabilities to play with cute guys and save the wild party from the police, before she catches sight of the sexy Playboy at the bar. Giving the sentence, “let’s go somewhere else” a whole new meaning, she speeds away with him to an island getaway! Imagine what else could happen… PRESS TO PLAY!

Super Playboy In Print

Encapsulating the sexy, seductive essence of the TV campaign, the print advertisement depicts the moment when the Super Playboy couple locks in a steamy embrace – mid-air! Photographed by Jean-Yves Lemoigne, who is renowned for his sleek and surreal images, the arresting visual cleverly captures the duo hovering over the rooftop pool – as only super seducers can.

Super Playboy Online

Want to be smack-bang in the middle of the action? Now you can! With Super Playboy’s exciting online experience, there is a new hero in town… YOU! Super Playboy invites you to create your own personalised website – just click to play. Here, you can become the seduction hero among your friends, complete with mock bios, zany magazine features and crazy-funny interviews. Connect to PLAYBOY FRAGRANCES Facebook page and get ready to super play! Coming in August.

Super Seductive Fragrances

Ready to unleash your powers of seduction? The Super Playboy line-up stars two addictive fragrances, For Her and For Him. One spritz and you’re in sensational Super Playboy mode! Normal dating rules no longer apply.

For Her, a fragrance with the power to make him fall at your feet:

For Him, a super-seductive fragrance with the incredible power to turn the chat-up routine into a mere formality…

Super Alluring Design

Designed for international men and women of mystery, the Super Playboy Eau de Toilette bottles are ultra-modern and ultra-desirable. The fragrance For Her is presented in a black and pink cityscape carton that exudes exclusive glamour. A sexy, zipped bunny’s head hints at a seduction where you call the shots. Inside, discover a voluptuously-rounded bottle filled with hot fuchsia juice, topped with black bunny ears. A bright pink bowtie completes the powerful, feminine look.

Perfectly befitting a Super Playboy, the squared-off bottle For Him has a cool, masculine feel. Electric blue juice shines against a city backdrop to create a contemporary, vibrant look. Complementing the bottle, the carton features a dramatic black and blue cityscape, overlaid with a sophisticated silver bunny head that oozes self-assured elegance.

Super Irresistible Body Care

Every Super Playboy knows their powers of seduction also depend on a great fragranced body care routine!

The Shower Gels

For Her, discover a deliciously-fragranced, hydrating Shower Cream that makes skin feel super-soft and silky. For Him, experience a multi-tasking, full-body 2 in 1 Shower Gel + Shampoo with a mysterious woody fragrance.

The Deodorants

Even the busiest super seducers will feel ready for anything with the 24-hour protection and exhilarating fragrances of Super Playboy Deodorants. The deliciously-scented deodorant for women is presented in a sexy, feminine, dark fuchsia pack; whilst the male version has an invigorating, warm, woody smell and electrifying dark blue pack.

Now PRESS TO PLAY and get ready for some serious action!

The Super Playboy Fragrance Ad Campaign

Advertising Agency: DDB Paris
Television Advert: Paul Middleditch
Print Ad Photographer: Jean-Yves Lemoigne
Digital Agency: You to You
Global Launch: August 2013


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