Tony Perez-Giese Launches Revealing new Fiction around Sex, Drugs, and… Nannies?

Raw journey into 1999 San Francisco as a young man’s search for the dream leads him down a forbidden path into the extravagant world of Pac Heights big money

SAN FRANCISCO (June 26, 2013) /PRNewswire/ — PAC HEIGHTS, the debut novel from Casey Medal winner Tony Perez-Giese, is sure to seduce, stun, and astound readers, giving them a rare glimpse into a world of excess through the eyes of an aspiring young man yearning to tap into the gold rush of 1999.

Using skills honed as a reporter, Perez-Giese shares the fascinating story a Pac Heights household where the indulgences of the late 90’s San Francisco are acted out by an eccentric cast of characters.

“Everyone wants to breathe the rarefied air of the ‘1%’,” says Perez-Giese, “but when I temped up there as a staffer running offbeat errands, I saw houses so bizarre, wasteful and over-the-top that it made me question what extreme wealth is really about. It wasn’t just the way these people threw money around; it was how that money enabled them to live in a bubble. Combine that with the internet boom happening in San Francisco at the time, and you get a full picture of how money can warp even the smartest people.”

This is a story of reckless dreams, hunger for acceptance and the mystique of money that will stir your emotions and catapult you back into a unique—and often comical—moment in time.

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