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Become a Trainer of the Future

LONDON, 20th September 2013, /PRNewswire/ — Over the last decade the world has experienced a fitness boom. Where personal trainers were once an A-list exclusive, they are now in great demand by the new breed of fitness fanatics.
Reaping the benefits of a personal trainer may be a great way to boost your self-confidence and change the way you look; but what about the way it feels becoming a personal trainer?

Become a trainer?

Recently Colin Gentry, the fitness editor of Attitude and a personal trainer in his own right went back to his roots at The Training Room (TTR). The aim was to find out why so many people are now becoming personal trainers, and to discover what sets The Training Room apart from the crowd.

When Colin quizzed Dave Moore, a tutor at The Training Room he said one of the keys to his passion for personal training was that it was: “very rewarding working with the clients, seeing them achieve their goals. A lot of people have a passion for the industry as well, so they enjoy being in that gym environment”.

With TTR offering a number of different courses enabling gym lovers to turn their hobby into a full-time career, Colin sat in on one day to find out more, about what TTR has to offer.

With six week courses concentrating on the core aspects of personal training, along with skills in areas like spinning, circuit training and boxing, Moore enlightened Gentry on what sets them apart. He said: “What’s really good is the support we give after the course, so we give them good support getting them into employment, into jobs; we have lots of corporate partners to help us do that.”

It gets better

Along with this great support, TTR qualifications are recognised worldwide. Courses start every two weeks, with part-time options. There are also numerous academies across the UK.

Courses are open to everyone, as Moore explained: “We get lots of different ages, different backgrounds, different abilities; we try to accommodate all these different kinds of people.”

Notes to editors:
The Training Room Personal Trainer Courses offer Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer Courses on fast-track and part-time courses. Without the need for specific qualifications, pupils could be qualified and working in a fitness orientated role within 8 weeks

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