Close-Up Talk Radio Recognizes Dr. Barbara Morrison PhD, RN, CNM

/ PRNewswire / — There’s a dance that goes on between mothers and their newborns: the initiation of relationship and communication. However, current culturally driven health and child care practices are interrupting the dance and causing more harm than good. As a result, parents, especially first time parents, often require a great deal of education and support.
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Dr. Barbara Morrison (DrBarb) is a certified nurse midwife dedicated to advocating, educating and inspiring healthcare reform for newborns and their families. As the founder and CEO of DrBarbCNM, LLC (, DrBarb is among the leading advocates of Kangaroo Care, the method of holding a newborn or infant skin-to skin, chest-to-chest to strengthen the bond between parent and child and to encourage breastfeeding and mental, social and physical development.

“As mothers, we need to start trusting our instincts,” says DrBarb. “We wouldn’t be here as a species without Kangaroo Care. This is a rediscovery.”

DrBarb is part of a growing movement among healthcare practitioners who hope to see Kangaroo Care applied more broadly and become routine practice in infant care.

“It’s about thinking like a parent from the very second you have a child,” explains DrBarb. “Babies need warmth, protection, comfort, ready access to food through breastfeeding. We need to keep our infants in a habitat that really nurtures them.”

Infants are typically born with only 25% of their adult brain weight; the neurons are there but only a few of the connections have been made. When you place infants skin-to-skin, they instinctively crawl toward the nipple and latch on all by themselves. By nurturing through proximity, the infant feels more secure, opening the path to physical and psychological health. Infants who are separated from their mothers feel they’ve been abandoned. As a result, these infants develop their mid-brain, the primitive brain, which can lead to personality disorders, bullying, abuse, neglect, aggression and even violence.

“We’ve got to get the word out!” says DrBarb. “We’re working with anyone who touches lives of new families: nurses; lactation consultants; midwives; obstetricians; pediatricians; perinatologists; neonatologists and social workers. Keeping parents and infants together through Kangaroo Care and holding are much easier solutions than many of the interventions provided for your child down the road.”

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