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Premium Three-Letter Domain Names now available with Provides the Expertise Required to Secure Third-Party-Owned Domain Names

Boston, MA, October 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Limited, domain name sales and acquisitions specialists, is unrivaled in their ability and approach to secure third-party-owned domain names for their clients. Acquiring third-party-owned domains can be a lengthy and challenging process and Igloo’s domain acquisition specialists have the required industry experience and relationships to secure them quickly and with budgets in mind.

As generic domain names become harder to attain and pricing expectations on two-letter domains are preventing many start-ups or smaller companies from acquiring these names, many companies are turning to three letter domains as an attractive alternative. Highly marketable and easy to remember, three-letter domains provide an affordable alternative to companies looking for that “just right” brand to help distinguish them from the competition.

Companies have already proven great success incorporating three-letter domain names including Comodo (, Disney (,, Harley Davidson (, Google (, Microsoft (, Hooked on Phonics ( and Unilever Food Services ( to name a few. Whether you are an investor, entrepreneur or visionary, investing in a three-letter domain name may be something to consider.

Tessa Holcomb, CEO of Limited shares that, “ is excited to exclusively offer an impressive list of three-letter domain names including,,,, and more. Short, memorable domain names like these can instantly bring credibility to your company’s online presence and command a certain authority in the eyes of the consumer and Igloo is happy to work with you to acquire these or other third-party-owned domain names.”

To inquire about,,,, or other premium domain names, you can contact directly at 800-477-8207 or visit for more information.

About Limited assists both businesses and domain owners in the overall planning and execution of their domain strategy.  We specialize in domain acquisitions, branding needs, and sales for our clients.  Domains can be complicated and Igloo provides the opportunity to leverage years of industry experience to help maximize success.

Photo Gallery acquisition specialists have the expertise to help your business acquire a 3 letter domain name. acquisition specialists have the expertise to help your business acquire a 3 letter domain name.

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