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Audio Pro Presents the Addon T10 – The Stylish Wireless Speaker for all Your Music

Swedish Audio Pro presents the latest addition to its wireless speaker range – Addon T10, a compact stereo speaker that offers the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard with aptX® technology. Addon T10 delivers very high sound quality and a massive bass for its small size.

Wireless music for all

Addon T10 is designed to suit the way we listen to music today. With Bluetooth 4.0 Addon T10 allows users to stream their music wirelessly from any device that has Bluetooth. Users of iOS ® , Android ® , Windows Phone ® and Mac/PC can enjoy their music wirelessly in a simple way. There are also two more inputs for connecting any other audio gear by the traditional cable way (3.5 mm and RCA).

Premium sound

The sound is detailed and crystal clear, with Audio Pro’s renowned high quality audio and powerful bass reproduction.

Our engineers have optimized the acoustic design to render stunning dynamics, deep bass and acoustic pressure in abundance. By using a system with three speaker drivers, powered by a 80W amplifier under the direction of advanced DSP processing, Addon T10 delivers a natural, clean and room filling dimension to all music.

Pure design

Addon T10 is consciously crafted to blend in, rather than dominate, a home decor. With a clean design and soft lacquered finish, Addon T10 will enhance the experience of the home with a natural uncomplicated form, good sound quality and easy operations. And getting rid of all the cables does wonders for the interior.

Addon T10 is available in white or black finish. We also offer an orange version with genuine leather handle. Remote control milled out of single block of aluminium is included.

Audio Pro Addon T10 is now available in stores across Europe with SRP of Euro 350.

For further details, please contact Audio Pro on press@audiopro.se.


is a Swedish audio company with deep roots in hi-fi tradition, which promotes the best in Scandinavian audio design. Audio Pro has engineered and designed loudspeakers since 1978, and today exports to over 30 countries. In the 70s Audio Pro launched several powered speaker designs which have become milestones in the history of loudspeaker development. Audio Pro continues to evolve as a strong, highly innovative company leading the development of powered loudspeaker technology with wireless possibilities.

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