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HemoCue and the American Red Cross sign 5 year Product Supply
Agreement for Hemoglobin Testing in North America

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LONDON, October 11th, 2013 /PRNewswire/- HemoCue America, a global leader in advanced point-of-care testing (POCT) systems, announced on October 9, 2013 that the American Red Cross, the world’s largest blood bank organization, has signed a five-year agreement on instruments and consumables for hemoglobin testing of blood donors.

HemoCue has served ARC with lab accurate tests for pre-donation hemoglobin testing since 2006 and the new agreement is an extension of this service including upgrading to a new product platform.

Peter Troija, Executive Director of HemoCue America states, “I am honored and excited to have signed this important and prestigious contract with the American Red Cross.”

“This order underlines the strong relationship and trust HemoCue and the American Red Cross have developed over the years,” says Niels Christiansen President of HemoCue. “ARC has renewed its confidence in our products and services, and we are happy to continue to work together with ARC helping to meet the need for blood while protecting the source – the donors – by providing lab accurate hemoglobin tests.”

Over the years, HemoCue has been setting the standard for hemoglobin point-of-care testing. This standard enables an immediate result of the hemoglobin test at the point of care, with the same accuracy as if analyzed at a central lab. Today, HemoCue has earned the trust to supply hemoglobin tests to blood banks and other healthcare settings in more than 130 countries worldwide.

The products

HemoCue invented and introduced the lab-accurate method to measure hemoglobin at the point of care in the ‘80s. Since then, several product generations have been developed to constantly improve the performance and meet customers’ expectations. Today, the product portfolio ranges from standalone instruments aimed for extreme climates and short measurement time, to fully equipped data management systems for integration in hospitals lab information systems and medical records, as well as dedicated systems for measuring low levels of free hemoglobin in blood and other liquids.

About HemoCue

HemoCue, acquired by Radiometer ApS in April 2013, is a global leader in point-of-care testing. HemoCue AB (Ängelholm, Sweden), introduced in 1982 the first accurate, near-patient hemoglobin test. The company also sells point-of-care tests for glucose, urine albumin, HbA1c, total and differential white blood cell count.

Press Contact

Niels Christiansen, President
HemoCue AB
Phone: +46(0)431-48-13-26