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Illinois’ Only CO-OP Health Insurance Company Launches on the State’s New Health Insurance Marketplace

Land of Lincoln Health is the State’s only consumer operated health insurance provider and offers more choice for the people of Illinois

Chicago, October 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Land of Lincoln Health™, the first and only consumer operated and oriented health insurance plan (CO-OP) in Illinois, is offering 35 health insurance plans on the State of Illinois’ health insurance marketplace, Get Covered Illinois. Land of Lincoln Health is a non-profit health insurance company with the primary focus of improving services for its members.

Land of Lincoln Health was developed through the nation’s Affordable Care Act with a $160 million loan from the federal government. As a non-profit entity governed solely by the people it insures, any extra revenue is put back into the system to provide better benefits and more affordable premiums.

The main goal of Land of Lincoln Health is to connect people with the right doctors and hospitals. Its network includes some of the highest-rated physicians and hospitals across the state, and plans include out-of-state coverage for its members. Additionally, Land of Lincoln Health’s plans were developed with total cost in mind, considering not just the monthly cost to the member but the cost of the yearly deductible, and other out of pocket costs.

“We used feedback from Illinois residents to inform the design of our plans, making them clear, simple and affordable,” said Daniel Yunker, CEO of Land of Lincoln Health. “We have a wide network of physicians and hospitals and a focus on helping people understand, purchase and use their health insurance coverage. We are Illinois’ health insurance provider for the people, by the people.”

In an effort to make health insurance more understandable, Land of Lincoln Health partnered with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Emory University to help improve and simplify the quality of health insurance information.

“In general, our health care system is confusing, but there are few things that are more poorly understood than health insurance,” said Michael Wolf, director of the Health Literacy and Learning Program and a Professor of Medicine at Feinberg. “We partnered with Land of Lincoln Health to make it easier for its members to access and use the many health care services to which they are entitled to through their health insurance.”

To help people understand the new regulations of the Affordable Care Act and their options for health insurance, Land of Lincoln Health is offering “Reserve Your Spot,” a free, no-obligation program that connects them with a health insurance enrollment specialist.

“Today marks a pivotal turning point in the history of health care in that people now have more choices for their health insurance coverage,” said Melinda Kelly, executive director at Chatham Business Association Small Business Development Inc., and Land of Lincoln Health board member. “It is good for Illinois residents and businesses to have a new and different health insurance provider that is driven by what is best for their members.”

Land of Lincoln Health plans are available for purchase starting today. More information can be found on the Land of Lincoln Health website at or by calling 888-858-9130 to speak to an enrollment specialist.

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Land of Lincoln Health is a trademark for Land of Lincoln Mutual Health Insurance Company.
Land of Lincoln Mutual Health Insurance Company is committed to enhancing access to care throughout the country for Illinois residents by providing quality, affordable health insurance. Land of Lincoln was formed as a non-profit entity in the State of Illinois and is a fully- licensed mutual insurance carrier in the State of Illinois. Land of Lincoln Health is a Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan as identified in Section 1322 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.


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Dan Yunker, CEO at Land of Lincoln Health™
Dan Yunker, CEO at Land of Lincoln Health™

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